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Another iPad 3 update that doubts device in 2011

It has been a while since we last heard any rumors about the iPad 3, but this latest rumor we couldn’t resist telling you about. We’re hearing that the device won’t be coming out this year contrary to previous speculation and also it won’t come with a Retina Display screen like many of you have been expecting.

Unsurprisingly, the rumors have once again surfaced from Taiwanese publication Digitimes who seem to be becoming rather notorious for their constant Apple leaks. Anyway, according to their report, they apparently have ‘knowledge’ of Apple’s third generation tablet and have spoken to one of Apple’s iPad component suppliers who have gone on record to say that an iPad 3 release in 2011 with a Retina Display screen is ‘wishful thinking’, as reported from BGR.

However, there is still a slim chance of another iPad coming out this year, but it will be regarded as a ‘minor update’ according to Digitimes source and that the only major improvement from the iPad 2 will be 4G support so it can be used on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Don’t forget, this is still just speculation but as we stated above – you should still be aware of the whispers going on abroad. What are your thoughts on what has been claimed – Do you think the iPad 3 will still come out in 2011 or not?



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