E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Date / Start Time, No Live Stream Yet

By Alan Ng - Apr 13, 2011

Last week we informed you of a potentially huge leak involving Sony’s plans for E3 2011 this Summer, but now the company has officially confirmed the start date and time for their keynote press conference speech in Los Angeles.

We can now confirm to you that Sony’s press conference will take place on June 6th, at 5PM (PT) in the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, as reported from VG247. Interestingly, the public segment of E3 2011 doesn’t actually start until June 7th, so Sony are doing something different this time around since they are usually last to unveil their goods after Microsoft and Nintendo.

Of course, we don’t know the dates for those keynotes yet, so there could still be a twist yet. Aside from the start date and time, we didn’t hear any information about a live stream yet, unfortunately. We’re praying that this changes though in the weeks before the event, as there’s no greater feeling than watching everything unfold live on stage.

We don’t know what Sony are going to announce yet, aside from the rumors, but you can bet that they’ll finally give a solid name, price and launch date for the NGP aka PSP2. Obviously, we’ll fill you in when we find out more possible reveals for Sony’s keynote. Will you be tuning in on June 6th?

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