Dragon Age II: PC Patch 1.02 Goes Live – List of Changes

By Tina Chubb - Apr 13, 2011

We have some great news now for those of you that play the Dragon Age II game on your PC, as the developer BioWare has announced that the PC patch 1.2 has recently gone live. There’s a whole list of changes within the 1.02 patch, including various bug fixes and several performance tweaks.

For example, according to James Orry over at videogamer.com, the video options menu will now enable a wider full-screen gamma range, and it should now be easier for players to select party members by clicking on their portraits while the level-up arrow is being displayed.

Gameplay has also seen several changes including Aveline’s final armor upgrade, which is now available during ‘Favor and Fault.’ Aveline’s Retaliation talent will no longer impose a delay when activated either. A few minor gameplay issues have been fixed and should no longer occur.

The developer has also made a few changes to the quests. For example, in ‘Herbalist’s Tasks,’ the varterral’s heart should now be available even when the player kills the varterral before they receive the quest. The ‘Who Needs Rescuing’ quest will also be able to be completed.

You can read what other changes have been made in the 1.02 patch via the videogamer.com website. Do you play the PC version of Dragon Age II? If so, have you been experiencing any issues?

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