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Apple Final Cut Pro X: US Release Date Availability, Price and Video Demo

We have some great news for those of you who regularly use Apple’s Final Cut Pro video editing software, as the company has just announced a brand new version. It’s called Final Cut Pro X and it will be a completely rebuilt version which will be available to buy this Summer.

The biggest feature of Final Cut Pro X is that it will have support for 64-bit, meaning that it can handle more than 4GB of RAM and also videos that are 4K supported. Other new features include an interface which is similar in appearance to Apple’s popular iMovie software, magnetic timeline, the ability to detect people and much more.

The good news, is that you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on the new version. You’ll be able to download it via the Mac App Store during June, as reported from Engadget. We’ve also got the price for you, as Final Cut Pro X will retail at $299 – Is that a reasonable price in your opinion or not?

How many of you use this software? Do you prefer using Final Cut Pro to iMovie? You can view a video of the software in action over at Engadget, it’s taken from the event in which the software was announced. We’ll bring you a full overview on the new software soon.



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