Adobe Flash 10.2: iOS Safe from Critical Flaw, Android and Others are Not

We have some very important news for those of you who have Adobe Flash 10.2 Player installed either on your desktop computer or your mobile device, as it has been confirmed by Adobe that a ‘critical’ vulnerability has been found with the potential to hijack your computer.

According to Adobe, the new flaw affects all operating systems, including those of you who have Flash 10.2 installed on Android smartphones. The flaw has been discovered in email messages, as a malicious .swf file which is embedded in a Microsoft .doc Word file, as reported from PC Mag.

This new bug specifically affects those running Adobe Flash Player on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris, Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome users and also Adobe Flash Player for Android – as taken from Adobe’s official website.

The exploit has the potential to crash and take full control of your system, so obviously you should now pay special attention when opening up those emails. If you think you may be affected by this, or just want to share your opinion, leave us a comment below.

Since Steve Jobs doesn’t like having Flash Player on the iPhone and other devices, iOS users are completely safe from this bug.


  • Alex

    Why do we need to know that iOS is safe? We know that it doesn't have Flash, so why write it in?

    Fanboy author?


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