Google Chrome Browser: PS3 Release Rumors

By Alan Ng - Apr 12, 2011

We have some exciting details for PS3 owners now, as rumors are circulating that the PS3 console will be upgraded with a Google Chrome browser in the future. The rumors have even caused Google to issue a swift response to the claims.

The news has surfaced from Dutch site PS3Life.NL as they have discovered that Sony has updated their PS3 browser webkit source files, with some information that relates to the Google Chrome browser, as detailed on NeoGaf forums here.

It’s not much to go on yet, but apparently it’s still enough for Google to issue a quick response to PS3Center. Rather than just issue a standard ‘we do not comment on rumor and speculation’ like Sony would, they decided to tease us further with the following comment:

“I’m afraid we have nothing to announce at this time.”

Could we have stumbled on an announcement which is actually planned for Sony’s press conference at E3 2011? It would be fantastic if the PS3 did get Chrome as it’s default browser, as PS3 users will openly admit that the current browser isn’t really up to standard and could be improved considerably. Let us know your thoughts on the possibility of Chrome landing on the PS3.

How bad do you want Chrome, PS3 users?

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  • guest

    It's not Chrome it's Android Chrome-like as it's CairoGL SVG based with no Xwindows support so Sony is going to have to manage windows like Android Chrome does.

    It's a /Cairo/Gstreamer/Pango webkit port (Same as Firefox) based on GTK/Cairo/gstreamer/pango with custom changes by Sony.

    Go to the source and read for yourself.

  • RED


  • noel

    would be nice to had that option.
    but the other day, chrome flash keep crashing on my, all day, every 5 min or less, and it was youtube.
    but options are always welcomed

  • goooooooooogle

    hey mark ..don't you think that you're a bit arrogant. if you like some insane thing it's not necessary that every fella'll like shut the crap up.

  • goooooooooogle

    @mark…….was ur uncle or some fella's founder of opera or what?????…opera is one of the worst browsers ever..

  • gamerdude!

    chrome would be perfect for ps3. can't wait! the current browser is pathetic.

  • Mark

    I want Opera. It's easilly the best and fastest browser.

  • goooooooooogle

    yeah! that's a very good move

  • SilentGorillaOps

    i actually think it the best idea ever and big help for user to use the browser on ps3 system. the current browser stinks as ever and slow and responives is bad too. i used google chrome mostly on my laptop so with on the ps3 , it would be alot better for me since always use it to download stuff.