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Did Sony’s Jack Tretton just own Nintendo and Microsoft?

If you didn’t catch up with your daily dose of gaming news over the weekend, the big story that you may have missed is undoubtedly Sony CEO Jack Tretton’s extremely bold comments about his competitors in the gaming industry, specifically Nintendo and Microsoft.

Tretton decided to take a few pot shots at both companies in a recent interview with Fortune magazine. During the interview he labelled Nintendo’s handheld systems ‘babysitting tools’ and added that they offer a ‘gameboy experience’ which ”no self-respecting twenty-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with one of those. He’s too old for that.”

Talk about not holding back Jack! But he wasn’t finished there. He also had time to state that he believes the Xbox 360 and also the Nintendo Wii are ‘running out of a steam’, while also criticizing Nintendo’s lack of hard drive for the Wii and Microsoft’s Kinect motion system for it’s ‘six-itch limitation’.

What are your thoughts on this gamers? Firstly, if you have a Nintendo DS or 3DS and you’re over 20 – feel free to defend yourself about Tretton’s babysitting tools claims! Secondly, do you think the Xbox 360 is ‘running out of steam compared to the Sony PS3’.

We have a feeling that Nintendo and Microsoft are going to hit back at Sony soon after this – it’s usually Aaron Greenberg who is first to step up to the plate.



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