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iPhone 5 & MacBook Air Rumor: Could devices have carbon fibre casings?

As many companies bring out new models of their mobile devices, they are looking at ways to make them lighter and stronger. Recently Apple released the iPad 2 which was thinner than the previous version. Now the company has taken on someone who specializes in carbon fiber, and we could start seeing Apple products made from the durable but light material.

According to an article on 9to5Mac by Seth Weintraub, Apple has recently hired Kevin Kenny, who has spent the last fourteen years making carbon fiber bicycles. He has been consulting Apple for a while now until recently he became a Senior Composites Engineer for the company.

This must mean that Apple is looking to move into using the material in their future devices instead of aluminum, glass, and stainless steel. There has been talk of a new MacBook Air during the summer of this year, and imagine how light it would be if it was made from carbon fiber.

Kenny also has knowledge in management and supply chain logistics, which will also add to what he can bring to Apple. Image if the next iPhone was made from carbon fiber and how light and strong it would be. The material may not see its way onto any deices just yet but it must just be a matter of time.

Would you like to see Apple devices made from carbon fiber?


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