Incoming Crysis 2 Update for PC Adds Support for DirectX 11

By Jamie Pert - Apr 11, 2011

Crysis 2 was released earlier last month and with it good reviews have come, however there have been some dissapointments made vocal by buyers of the PC version when they found that the game only supported DirectX 9 software instead of the more up to date version DirectX 11.

The game has already been noted by Softpedia as having extremely good graphics even for today’s standard of games (and the PC version is the best-looking of them all), perhaps the DX11 support will make things even better.

Crytek recently posted on the MyCrysis Forum, here they said: “We would like to announce that there will be a DX11 patch released for Crysis 2”, this news is great for PC gamers who want the best out of their high-end gaming rigs, it will be interesting to see how noticeable the difference will be when the patch is rolled-out.

Softpedia make a point in saying that the game’s graphics are already very impressive so is there really any need to make a patch? But let’s face it everyone wants smoother more realistic graphics, so we doubt there will be any complaints about this news.

Would you prefer Crytek to fix / improve other aspects of the game rather than visuals? If so, what would you like to see?

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  • this site sucks

    what are you, effing stupid? that patch is a hoax. it was announced the day after that 'news' was announced. And it wasn't on mycrysis, it was on some retard's twitter. when it's anounced on mycrysis, it will be official.

  • Crysisfan

    I want those annoying hexagon target/checkpoint markers removed, minimap pointers give enough guidance.
    Plus I would want ammos to be scattered in a realistic manner as in crysis with animations to pick them up, and more options for weapons I can use in a level.

    • damn_badger

      Well, The game still presents some bugs with the AI of enemys (coliding each other and when they are behing obstacles is a little weird too) and a major bug when Alcatraz is catched by CELL and the chopper fell when the Alien Tower emerges, the cut-scene after that repeats. For me its a major bug.

  • Crash

    I would love to see the Nanosuit to have more tessaltion detail same goes for the water and caracters tesselated enviorment would also be awsome!