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Fallout: New Vegas DLC, Next Chapter Will be Called Honest Hearts

If you were a big fan of Dead Money, then this news is sure to excite you, Fallout: New Vegas is expecting another add-on to continue the story of the game and rumors are circulating from various sources that suggest the new DLC will be called ‘Honest Hearts’

Eurogamer reports that the rumors come at the hands of three screenshots that were taken from a private video on Youtube which display signals towards the next add on to the series. The video was apparently removed from Youtube completely, maybe to be displayed at a later date?

The screenshots show a man swinging a spiked club at another human being (the gender is undecided), a “rocky vista” (as described by Eurogamer) and what appears to be the Honest Hearts title screen. An attempt was made by Eurogamer to scoop some information from Bethesda however they recieved “No Comment.”

This does not yet certify that Fallout: New Vegas will receive an add-on called Honest Hearts, however tit is looking pretty likely. Whatever the outcome, we will be sure to keep you updated on the situation.

Will you buy the next add-on for New Vegas?



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