Call of Duty Black Ops, Escalation Map Pack Officially Announced by Activision

By Jamie Pert - Apr 11, 2011

We’ve been excited to hear the details of the new Black Ops map pack for a long while and the wait is finally over. The new map pack titled Escalation has been confirmed and is coming to you May 3 (Xbox 360) so make sure you have some spare Microsoft points because you will not want to miss out on this.

We were speculating the arrival of the First Strike pack’s successor when an image leaked earlier this month which revealed 5 upcoming maps, we then asked you which map was your most anticipated, and Survive was the clear favorite. Activision has finally confirmed the release and in-turn revealed that the leaked image was spot on.

Major confirmed this news and tells us about the 5 new maps; Zoo, Convoy, Stockpile and Hotel and also says there will be a new zombie map to battle your way through. In these new maps you will be thrown into close-quarter combat in an abandoned Russian zoo, placed into a remote Russian farm town housing WMD facilities and more.

The news is official now and we are happy to remind you the release date is May 3 (for the Xbox 360). The previous map pack, First Strike, is still available for download on your console and if you haven’t done so already, that is worth a download.

Will you buy the DLC regardless of its price (within reason)?

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  • britteny aguilar

    Shut your face!!!!

  • BJaM

    Sure wish I could save money by only buying the zombie map because that's the only one I will play. COD multiplayer is so played out.