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iPhone 5 Release: Do Amazon know something we don’t?

There has been much speculation recently that Apple may not be launching the iPhone 5 around the time we have come to expect. The upcoming WWDC event in June is thought to be a software only event, and no new hardware is due at the event in June. But an ad has appeared from online retailer Amazon which if not a mistake, could be very intriguing.

Beatweek have spotted an ad that Amazon has placed through Google which is stating the iPhone 5 is already on sale. Of course no such device exists at present, but the ad which you can see below also offers free shipping. If you click on the ad it just takes you to sales for the iPhone 4 according to Beatweek.

Now it could be just a simple typo by someone from Amazon, or some sort of publicity stunt to raise some advertising revenue for the retailer. The term iPhone 5 is searched a great deal at present, as we are at that time of year where we normally start finding out what the next generation of iPhone will bring.

There could be another reason for the ad, as Amazon may already know what’s coming from Apple in June if anything. Now this is probably very unlikely but you never know for sure. What do you think is it just a simple typo or some other mistake?


  • the iphone 5 will not come out in 2011 because in the ipad keynote, steve jobs said that 2011 is the "year of ipad", so maybe 2012 is the year of iphone 5…

  • Tommyb345

    That happens all the time when you search for anything on google. Amazon doesn't know anything.

  • thedude61636

    hey it may be a trick for the stupid !


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