Mortal Kombat 2011: Xbox 360 Exclusive Content Isn’t as good as PS3

By Alan Ng - Apr 9, 2011

Thinking of getting the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat because you feel you have no choice? Hold on just a second as it looks as if the Xbox 360 will be getting some exclusive content after all. If reports are true, Xbox 360 owners won’t be getting an exclusive console character, but they will be getting a sizeable amount of content.

This hasn’t been confirmed by NetherRealm Studios yet, but a report over at Game Informer has listed the content that Xbox 360 owners will be getting with the game. Assuming the details are true, you’ll be able to download the Scarlet (Lady in Red) DLC character for free for a limited time on Xbox Live – that’s not too bad actually if PS3 owners have to pay for the same content.

Aside from that, you’ll get The Pit 360 stage, which is a remake of the Pit III level from Mortal Kombat 3, avatar goodies for King of the Hill and other modes, and also a full mode called Puzzle Kombat which is apparently exclusive on the Xbox 360.

Obviously, it’s no Kratos but it’s not too bad for Xbox 360 owners. Ed Boon has even been commenting on the content leak on Twitter by classing it as ‘rumor’ only. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s confirmed officially though. Are you happy with the content Xbox 360 owners, or do you still want an exclusive console character?

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  • Keithroth

    xbox 360 should get Marcus with his chainsaw and Halo for the fun of it

  • Ice Dragon

    If Mortal Kombat is looking for bloodthirsty Fighter from 360, then that would be Marcus Fenix who does mean ass execution or maybe Ryu Hayabusa who just love to slice his enemy's up.

  • Sp1f3r

    Imo i think, even if they don't add a signature character, i think it would be cool if they added, for example, like an Elite from Halo with the sword as DLC at least as they already said Master Chief is out of the question.
    I think those guys can rip someone's head off if they really want to and Energy Sword + Body = BLOOD and lots of it 😛

  • Denis

    PS3 owners might have to pay a fe dollars or so with future DLC's, however the Kollektor's Edition, plus pre-ordering at the right gamestores gave u lots of DLC's for free.

    I have about 5 codes yet still to claim as soon as the PSN comes back online, the Avatars aren't exclusive also – i have 5 of them in the PS3 Kollektors Edition – so all that XBOX players get for free is just that Lady in Red – rumored to be called "Scarlet"

    As for Kratos, even if he fits somewhat into the MK-Universe with his Bloodlust and his Badass-MoFo weapons, for me he has NOTHING TO SEARCH IN MK9 – he belongs to God of War, which is a very cool game-franchise though, but i dont give a f… about Kratos in the new MK, i would rather have had Rain, Motaru, Fujiin or anther classic MK-Fighter instead, so actually you XBOXERS can be glad not to recieve Kratos, since your version feels more classical then.

  • friend

    how bout just shudup and be glad xbox network isnt hacked and u all can still play

  • Move On!

    Too late for that though! And, like it or not, Ps3 controllers are way more easier to memorize. Just expect for the exclusive DLC instead, like Rain.

  • idunno

    i played both versions of the game. its the exact same thing. The Kratos exclusive for ps3 is pretty sick and perfectly fits the world of MK in my opinion,i mean seriously, this guy slashes his enemies to pieces and rips their heads off, how can that not be MK material? Though, i still think an exclusive character for 360 should be made just to make things even.

  • Jords

    the fact that I own both a ps3 and a xbox 360 and wii i still would have to say the xbox delivers so much more than any other console the fact that it gets all DLC before any other console the variety of games is so much bigger than any other. The fact is that the xbox is more of a family console and the ps3 is more of a personal console hence the browser and such but like Seth said "360 is getting alot of exclusive stuff" its still the Same damn game. it doesn't matter anyway like I said I have every console. if you still think ps3 is better ill list why xbox is better

    1)party chat gives ability to talk to 12 people at a time regardless of what game there playing
    2)ALL DLC comes early
    3)360 offers a total of 278.4 GB per sec system bandwidth while the PS3 offers only a total of 48 GB per sec
    4)Last FM radio, facebook, twitter,FOXTEL!
    5) far less loading times on the 360 than the ps3
    6)How you don't have to download EVERY game unlike ps3 which can take long *** minutes… so they can play the games at a decent speed!

    • Zinthos

      true, + the controlers are way better imo. i just can't stand how unhandy the ps controlers are. xbox's fits perfectly in your hands. ofc this has to do with experience but still i believe xbox controlers are way better.

  • MikeyB

    I own the 360, PS3 and Wii. The 360 is best for shooters, the PS3 is best for fighting games and Japanese games. The Wii.. just collects dust.

    Calm down fan boys. Both systems have the strengths and weaknesses.

    PS3 multiplayer hacks makes me the maddest though. Sony needs to do something about their hacked hardware.

  • Seth

    kratos does fit the universe perfectly, and the 360 is getting alot of exclusive stuff, so everyone just really needs to stop bitching on "which version is better" its the same damn game. pick one and move on

  • RoadShow

    Xbox sucks, PS3 is the one pushing for exclusive content. Like that found in Red Dead Redemption, Mafia 2, Batman AA & Assasins Creed Brotherhood

    Xbox only sucks because it is a total rip off:

    (1) $299 for the most unreliable console in history
    (2) No Blu Ray
    (3) to stream netflix must pay M$ $60/year for the "right" to "purchase" a sub to netflix.
    (4) No Browser, even Wii has a browser
    (5) Before slim no wifi, (even Wii has Wifi)
    (6) new slim still scratch disks and overheat (Red Dot of Death)

    Plus they are just ugly, especially with that huge power brick.

  • unmasked spiderman

    midway for one isnt the delevoper anymore… two… game exclusives are retarded. who gives 2 drops of monkey urine if kratos is in the game on ps3… he is not mk material. what they need is… more finishers… yes these are what caught our eyes… some hated friendships and babalities… i loved em… if you dont like them… dont do them… simple right? right.

  • God Of Thunder

    Who cares? I'd rather have Scarlett any day, plus the Pitt 3? Besides puzzle Kombat, that makes the xbox a MUCH better deal!

  • Jim

    Not too bothered, as Midway are probably going to release new character DLC for the next year with the game.

    If the game is as good as they say – they won't need to make another one anytime soon – just keep releasing DLC for both PS3 and Xbox – good things come to those who wait 😉

    • Rich

      There's a rumor that the cast of Delta Squad from Gears of War may be an upcoming downloadable content pack exclusive to the 360. If that's true, I'd rather have Marcus Fenix than Kratos.

      Curbstomp or Chainsaw fatalities anyone?

  • Jason

    I'd rather have all that than a non-MK character any day. Especially a character that I have no interest in, who only uses weapons in their combat, and without said weapons would be nothing more than Quan Chi-lite.

    • Zinthos

      true, i was never excited about the fact that Kratos was in MK. actually i am glad he isn't in the xbox version. Any of you played smash bros brawl? they did the same thing there, mixing other and totally not fitting chars in the fighting game. like snake..*what the hell, rocket launcher, heatseeking launcher, proximity mines and such…*. i never played with him cause he is a PS char… among the NINTENDO champs.. altough i thought SONY's Sonic fitted in quite well. So back to MK, i couldn't care less if Kratos wasn't in the xbox version. and the red lady thing is quite cool i guess. Who would they put in the MK list of xbox heroes? Master Chief? (would be weird cause he can't fight without his space weapns/ not MK like) ahm i heard someone said Link… link?(again with the wpns) (link is awesome!!!! but not for MK)… Banjo?? yea lets put a bear with a bird in MK, wonder what his fatality may be.. so no, put no heroes of other games in this epic andmost awesome fighting game in the world.

  • Riko Zombie

    II think its cool that they might add Puzzle Kombat.. but its still no exclusive character.. I would like to see at least one character from Armagedon, such as Havik or that blind dude with the ninja suit; Kenji I think its his name..

  • Hex

    i still think it’s bullshit, in the end 360 gets less 1 less character

    • blaze

      man i think the 360 should get a kick ass exclusive char to

    • manager

      How bout Kenshiro from Fist of Northstar for xbox !