HTC Thunderbolt: Handset helps HTC achieve record sales

By Gary Johnson - Apr 9, 2011

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has seen its fortunes soar in recent times, with the news that smartphones like the Thunderbolt has seen HTC achieve record sales.

The company has now even overtaken Nokia to become the world’s third largest cell phone company based on market value, according to an article by Chris Smith from TechRadar. HTC saw first quarter profits for 2011 were up a staggering 191 percent, with net income of $513 million.

It was only last January that the company estimated it would sell 8.5 million devices during the first quarter, which is more than double of last year’s figure. Sales of Android handsets and the company’s move into 4G connectivity with handsets such as the EVO 4G, have been a big reason for the HTC massive rise in fortunes.

HTC are also about to venture into the tablet market with its upcoming Flyer device, which is predicted to further boost their yearly figures. Only a few years ago the company was spending its time making Windows 6 handsets, but has now seen a steep rise in their fortunes since.

Do you own a HTC Handset? What do you think of it?

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