Windows Phone Will Overtake iOS by 2015 – Accurate Estimation or Fabrication

By Alan Ng - Apr 8, 2011

Here’s something that will get your head scratching now, as it has been reported that a recent analysis conducted by research company Gartner has concluded that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform will overtake Apple’s iOS platform by the time 2015 lands.

Yes, we agree that it’s pretty hard to see that happening, considering the fact that Apple continues to grow from strength to strength, while Microsoft has already had teething problems with getting Windows Phone 7 out to consumers.

According to Gartner though, Microsoft will amass 19.5% of smartphones sold globally in 2015, overtaking Apple in the process who will manage to take up 17.2% of smartphones which will run on iOS.

What are your thoughts on this? Below is an included chart showing Gartners smartphone predictions for the next few years.

As you can see, it shows that Microsoft will overtake Apple by 2015 in market share, but it also reveals that Android will be the OS to beat, with a staggering 49.2% of the total smartphone market share by 2012. Nokia’s Symbian platform on the other hand is none existant, which seems to suggest that joining forces with Microsoft to build Window Phone 7 devices was a good idea after all.

As an iPhone owner though, do you believe that Windows Phone will overtake Apple by 2015 or not?

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  • Bradley Kelly

    so as because of the cloud coming soon and other geat stuff apple are good at I couldnt believe my eyes

  • Bradley Kelly

    i got 3fs and so cant wait for iphone 5 and ios 5, especially for the itunes cloud as i only got 200mb left on my phone and brought a few vids i cant put on cd nor iphone as low flash memory ):