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Verizon iPad 2: Owners complaining of 3G issues

Since Verizon Wireless first got the CDMA iPhone it has managed to chalk up some good sales volumes. Buy not everything is all rosy over at the Verizon network, as reports are coming in that some iPad 2 owners are complaining of connection problems using 3G.

Cnets John Scott Lewinski is reporting that owners are complaining that they have to reboot their iPads if they want to use 3G, after switching it off before. An Apple discussions thread is growing longer by the minute with users complaining about the issue.

The Wi-Fi connections seem to be ok, but when trying to use 3G it can take several minutes to connect if at all. Once users deactivate the 3G they can’t switch it back on without rebooting, and switching the iPad in and out of airplane mode makes no difference.

Owners have spent hours phoning Apple Customer Service or made trips to the Genius Bar, and not solved the problem. Some have had their iPad 2s replaced but still got the same problem, and a few users have said they are thinking of returning to AT&T because of the problems.

This issue seems to be down to a problem on the Verizon Wireless network, and must be really frustrating for owners. Have you had any problems with your iPad 2 3G connection?



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