Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition DLC – Release Date and Trailer

By Alan Ng - Apr 8, 2011

We have some exciting news for Super Street Fighter IV owners now, as it looks like you’ll be getting the Arcade Edition DLC that was previously thought to be for Japan only. That means that the likes of Evil Ryu and Oni will be on the way to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game soon.

The trailer we have to show you now, has been leaked courtesy of Console Tech, and Capcom are not too happy about it since they have been removing the same video being uploaded to YouTube. You can still watch it here if you’re interested – and it reveals full details about the Arcade Edition.

Aside from Evil Ryu and Oni, you’ll also get Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III. The Arcade Edition DLC will also include some brand new features, such as the ability to watch replays of pro matches, support for additional costumes, more balanced characters, and the ability to swap replays with your friends.

There isn’t an official release date from Capcom yet, but this report over at Eurogamer suggests that it will release on June 24th, we’ll update you if this changes. After watching the trailer, let us know if you’ll be paying for the extra characters. Or the question we should really ask is, how bad do you want Evil Ryu?

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  • wigman

    when r they gonna put gill the god on a new streetfighter

  • wigman

    i want gill


    I want Evil Ryu!

  • marhorn

    Thank god I don't have to buy a new disc!

    although the thought of me going Akuma and my mate going evil Ryu was enough to fork out any coin for it!

    Now just give me Shin Akuma, evil Ken, and the breakdancing girl and il be done with Street Fighter…….Oh wait there releasing Third Strike as a download game! Ok then il be done with Street fighter……..Wait then theres Street fighter X Tekken ……ok the..n….Ok so then theres Tekken X Street fighter

    Ahhhh Capcom…..I love you!