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Duke Nukem Critical Mass: Gameplay Trailer – Duke Deserves Better

Although you might not realise it, there’s another Duke Nukem game coming out, aside from Duke Nukem Forever. It’s called Duke Nukem: Critical Mass and it’s coming to the Nintendo DS this week in Europe, although US DS owners will have to wait until next month to get their hands on it.

We have the latest trailer from the game to show you now, and it gives you a good look at the type of gameplay you’ll be up against – and in our opinion it doesn’t look too pretty. We would have preferred a Duke Nukem 3D approach to the game, but Critical Mass is a side-scrolling 2D 3D platformer, with graphics that certainly don’t impress from where we are standing.

Then again, this is a DS game we’re talking about – don’t get confused with a 3DS game, because it definitely isn’t. However, the game will feature the trademark Duke quotes and familiar scantily clad bikini girls and pigs dressed in police uniforms that we all grew up loving back in the day.

If you can get past the graphics, the game is due out Friday April 8th in the UK, May 11th for US gamers. Watch the trailer below and tell us if you think Duke deserves better.



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