ClubWorld: New Real-Time Simulation Game for iOS

By Tina Chubb - Apr 8, 2011

A couple of weeks back we brought you details on a brand new nightclub management game for iOS devices called Nightclub Story, which enables players to create and manage their very own nightclub. Well now it appears that a similar game has just hit the Apple App Store.

The game we are talking about is ClubWorld, which was created by the award-winning developer Tapulous. This brand new real-time simulation game for iOS devices does pretty much the same as the Nightclub Story app, in the fact that it allows users to design and operate their very own club.

Players can keep the music going all night, using tracks from their iTunes playlists. They can even deck out their nightclubs with the loudest speakers, the comfiest seating and the coolest dance floors. However, they’ve also got to remember to keep the bar well stocked.

The ClubWorld app, which is fully optimized for the Retina Display, also enables players to make new friends via a music matchmaking system, visit their friends’ nightclubs by visiting the ClubWorld Strip and check out clubs from special guest artists such as David Guetta and Tiesto.

As noted over on the website, the app is compatible with the iPhone, ipod Touch and iPad, as long as they are running iOS 3.0 or above. Do you like the sound of this new real-time simulation game?

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  • Swifty the Swift

    You can find bar extensions in the Design menu under "drink." You will need a matching bar to place it next to. This may require you to replace an existing bar with a blue or green one. See y'all on the Strip!

  • gem

    im havin same problem wiv bar extension, all its tellin me to do is get it but i dont kno where from or how,i brought a new bar to see if that was it but it dint work and i cant see anythin to buy that has anythin to do wiv extendin it, its really annoyin :/

  • Kaitlin

    Yeah I'm really getting frustrated with that bar extension Thingy too!!

  • tanja

    i have the same problem with the bar extension :/

  • Brighid

    What is the bar extension and where do you get it?

  • Lisa

    I am having the same problem as Jecika. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • jecika

    cant get bar extension……says i have not met the requirements to do so but what are the requirements??? it says the skinny anytime i try to buy a bar??? help me plz so i can level up

  • Lindsay

    I can't find where to buy a lamp other than the red lava lamp(which I don't have enough sugar for). I need to buy one to complete the achievement for level 8

    • Anonymous

      Blue tube, green tube etc. also count as lamps 🙂

    • somer

      buy a pink or blue tube it's the same as buying a light