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Best Buy: Apple take iPad 2 away from retailer?

Since the iPad 2 was launched the device has proved to be very popular, stores have been selling out as soon as stock arrives. Today there is a rumor that Apple has stopped selling anymore iPad 2s at retailer Best Buy due to some sort of misunderstanding.

Devin Coldewey over at Crunch Gear is reporting that one of their readers who works at Best Buy, has told them the retailer was not selling the iPad 2s it had in stock, and were saying to customers they had none left. The fact is they did have some in stock but the daily quota for iPad 2 sales for the day had been reached.

The rumor is that Apple didn’t like this and for now have stopped selling any more iPads in the stores. It goes on to say that Tim Cook has even got involved in the episode and will be taking part in any negotiations. The reader with the information also claims that the Apple Rep at the Best Buy branch confirmed the story.

Now this is just a rumor, but it don’t make sense holding on to stock until the next day. Perspective purchasers will just try somewhere else, even though the stock that is being held will have someone else wanting it the following day.

Have you seen any iPad 2 stock at your local Best Buy recently?


  • LezG

    Called about 6 best buys whose website said they had the ipad2 in stock and EACH ONE said the website was wrong and there weren't any… This makes sense now!


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