Virtua Tennis 4 Demo: PS3 Only – Xbox 360 Exclusive War Continues

By Alan Ng - Apr 7, 2011

Earlier on this week we told you that the PS3 version of Virtua Tennis 4 would be getting exclusive content in game, but now it has taken a turn for the worst for Xbox 360 owners, as we can confirm that the PS3 will also get not one, but two demo releases, exclusive on Sony’s console.

Sega has confirmed the news over on the EU PlayStation Blog, as the first trailer for the PS3 will be out on April 13th, giving gamers the opportunity to sample the World Tour career mode in the game.

A second demo featuring PS3 Move and 3D support is also on the way afterwards, and this will be exclusive on the PS3 as well. Where does that leave Xbox 360 owners wanting to pick up the game? After the first news about the ‘legends’ exclusive content for the PS3, this may be the final straw for some of you.

Are you still planning to pick up the Xbox 360 version on the April 29th launch date? Perhaps you feel that Top Spin 4 is better anyway, let us know your thoughts on this. We’ve included the World Tour career mode trailer below.

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