Sniper Elite V2: New Game Announced – Release Set for 2012

By Tina Chubb - Apr 7, 2011

We have some rather interesting news now for those of you that are familiar with the 2005 game Sniper Elite, as 505 Games has just announced that UK-based developer Rebellion Developments is currently working on a sequel to the popular tactical shooter.

According to Darren Allan over at, the new game – which is titled Sniper Elite V2 – will not be published until 2012. The original Sniper Elite game proved quite popular among critics, and even won an award for Best PC/Console Game at the 2005 TIGA Awards.

The first game saw players taking on the role of US secret agent Karl Fairburne, as he disguises himself as a German sniper during the final days of World War II. Information on exactly what direction the Sniper Elite V2 game will be taking the series appear to be rather scarce at this stage.

Ian Howe – the MD of 505 Games – did however guarantee that the upcoming sequel will provide gamers with the most authentic World War II sniping experience ever. All we know at this stage is that the game will be available for the current generation consoles.

This means that we’re uncertain whether or not there will be a PC version released. We’ll keep you updated if we hear any more details. Did you ever play the original Sniper Elite game?

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  • Derrek

    OMG yes at this very moment I am sniggling like a 10 yr old just realizing that under my parents bed is a long rectangular box gift wrapped for xmas morning is possibly a pump action bb gun I had been begging forever for!

  • Mark Rafferty

    I agree with Hunter, i don't think Rebellion Developments are actually aware of just how popular this game is and how it has united thousands of online players around the world. This would also include some fantastic friendships that have been formed amongst avid game players and real comunity spirit amongst a lot of the on line Clans that have been created to accomodate this fantastic game the best clan of witch i am a loyal and one of the founder members of EsF 🙂

    EsF].Raff (Admin)

    • Hello Mark,
      How are u my old ESF friend? Hope all is well my m8? My life has changed in many ways, think of the good old times as a clanmember of ESF! Sad of course, not letting ya `all know how things are going with me….but in the end, I`ve missed the clan alot m8! Its me…Owl…ring a bell?? If interested, you can contact me on my email adress; My regards to all memebers….and like I sais, you where a good friend to me!!

  • EsF],Hunter(NL)

    I hope they do release a PC version, otherwise they would be turning their back at the Gamers that made/make this a great game to play Even after 6 years the Clan community is going strong on this game.