Samsung Galaxy S II (S2): Release Date Delay, but Specs Upgraded

By Alan Ng - Apr 7, 2011

We have some important news for those of you who are planning to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S II handset, and it’s news which is has a good side and bad side to it. We’re hearing that the handset has been delayed, but that is due to Samsung’s plans to upgrade the processor.

At the moment, the handset features a 1Ghz dual-core processor, but Samsung has decided to upgrade this to a beefy 1.2 Ghz dual-core chip, likely due to the fact that they want their handset to be right up there with the best handsets out on the market in terms of hardware.

This information has been confirmed on the Estonian Samsung Facebook page, as reported from GSM Arena. However, this processor upgrade is likely to take some time so a release has been put back until May or even June in some areas. Engadget are saying it will launch May 6th in the UK, but reports from India suggest that it won’t release globally until June.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you happy that the phone is getting upgraded at the expense of a release delay? We’ll let you know once Samsung makes it all offiical.

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  • Narayanaswamy

    Galaxy S 2 will be BIG HIT in India , if it's price between Rs.20000/ to Rs.25000

  • street king

    i hope that galaxy s 2 worth this waiting …… i trust there phones

  • Ryan

    I agree with many of the others on here. The reason I gave up on the Motorola Bionic is because they keep pushing it back and I eventually began reading up on the S2, however, I can see the same thing happening with this if they take much longer. Let's hope the S2 gets released soon, otherwise I can see a lot of people looking elsewhere.

  • Aaryan

    i wouldnt EVER buy a samsung phone if i hadnt used a Galaxy S..
    Waitin for the S2.. but waited loooong now.. this sux!!!
    I will wait this time and buy the S2, coz the BBTorch is good enough till then.
    The cause of this freak-show/no-show is the rumor-leak of a Mar release..
    ~the ups-n-downs in life..

  • rob

    if the arc had more internal mem i would buy one. so will wait for the galaxy s 2 will be worth it in the long run

  • Sandesh

    next month we'll come to know that samsung galaxy s2 is delayed for more two month, because samsung is upgrading to 1.4 GHZ..

  • scotty

    the latest twitter from Samsung (Samsungtomorrow) says that it will still come out April in some markets. So there's hope.

  • luthien1

    lg g2x is has same specs as this, im gettting that….. just as good, Everyone…. Lg- gx2 for t mobile.. or lg optimus 2x….. just as good or better then galaxy s2 ….. do some research… i refuse to weight, i waited long enough for updates from samsung… screw them

  • Vikram

    I'm so excited about this phone, but this delay is not good. I hope it doesn't mean that they are having quality issues. If it doesn't come out by end of April, I'm going to start looking at HTC.

  • mikey

    You guys are just so impatient. What's so bad about waiting? Well I'm willing to wait because this will be a bad ass phone!

  • shelby owner

    it would be great if they lower the price of the 32G galaxy s2
    to a price lower than 900$
    they said the price of 32G is 11xx$
    that's pretty much expensive ..
    the xperia arc is already out and is only around 650$
    and the arc looks way better and sleek ..
    the delay and high price could be bad thing for samsung .
    i'm confused between the arc and s2 ..
    and the arc doesn't look bad at all .. i'd pick it anytime
    I just got bored from waiting ..

    if the arc had a 16+GB interior memory ..
    i'd be playing with it right now ..
    that's the only thing that made me think of buying galaxy s2 instead of the arc..

    best wishes

    • experienced guy…

      arc is a bloody phone… my frnd bought it n resold in a couple of days….. evrythng is the display is worst… they employed bravia mobile engine… but it is a lcd tft screen….. no better viewing angles…. clear only at the center.. color fades out when viewed from other angles…. outdoor view is terribly weak…the screen looks washed out under sunlit…

  • Radmer

    I really don't care, I want this phone so badly, ill wait a little longer. If u want another phone, go get it, but I am in love with this phone and love is more important than time 😉


    I was desperately waiting for this device but now i am losing interest because of delay in release…

  • Dheeraj

    Every passing day…samsung is loosing its S2 customers….

  • Rich

    Will be opting for the xperia arc instead then. fed up with waiting for this

  • sylvia

    The phone looks very promising but if it keeps delaying, the potential customers will just move elsewhere. I really want this phone but the way they are going about it, I will just go elsewhere. This is terrible!!!