Google to spend $100 million on original YouTube content

It looks like Google are planning to produce another twenty channels on their YouTube website, as Google are investing 100 million dollars on original YouTube content to make more independent programs. This comes from information given by a Wall Street source.

Charlie White over at Mashable is reporting in an article that sources from Wall Street Journal, have said that YouTube and the internet have soul priority of new low-cost Google programs.

This will seem that the already booming YouTube will be even more of a success. Also with major Hollywood talent agencies being contacted by Google, we may see some input from directors and production companies ready to join in with their qualities of production.

With a growing amount of televisions and set top devices containing access to the internet, Google are moving up in the world, with home entertainment and Google TV becoming even more versatile the competition for viewing figures will threaten the already dominating satellite and cable television companies.

Having five million channels available as opposed to five hundred, viewers are bound to find something to watch. Could this be the way forward in television broadcasting?



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