Anonymous stop attacks on Sony for now

By Gary Johnson - Apr 7, 2011

PlayStation 3 owners have been experiencing problems of late when trying to access the PlayStation Network. It is thought the group Anonymous has been targeting Sony in a series of attacks, because of Sony’s treatment of PS3 owners and jail breakers. But Anonymous have said the attacks will stop for now at least.

Stewart Meagher over at thinq is reporting in an article that the group has said in a statement “that targeting PSN is not a good idea”. They have decided to temporarily stop their action, as they want to find a way of not seriously affecting Sony’s customers.

The attacks on the PlayStation Network will stop today, and the group realizes that hitting owners of the PS3 is not what it wants to do. Many owners of the PS3 have been extremely angry with the problems they have been facing since the attacks started, and some were saying they had lost all sympathy with the hackers.

Anonymous have said it wants to concentrate on Sony itself, and will try not to affect all the gamers out there. The statement went on to say that if gamers were hit with problems it “was not our goal.” During the down time all Sony has said it was down to planned maintenance.

Whether you agree with Anonymous actions are not, it will be welcome news if you are a PlayStation 3 owner.

What are your feelings about Anonymous?

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    they shouldnt of took it out on us gamers that behind a joke its not the way to go to make a point everything has just gone all SONYS way now but you did this to your selfs Anonymous

  • Dug

    All i have to say to the matter is. hacking is illegal but so is alot of what sony is doing to us the users.and we can thank most of the elite hackers cause . they are the ones who help show company there bugs.

  • Marcus72ch

    Sony is just getting what they deserve! They should just aim more on the involved people and not on the innocent customers (PSN)! The Sony management involved, the lawyers and the judge are all legit targets!

  • fox

    Sympathy with a hacker? Legends? Yeah righto you morons. Have you read their announcement "we are legion" etc etc. Fucking schoolboys wishing they were men. Kids swallowing their bullshit like the fools they are.

  • Plimp

    I think they're a group of legends. Good on them for sticking it up sony. PSN is pretty bad anyways so I really don't care. I'll just go play my xbox like I usually do.

  • Le Twig

    Current society won't sustain the causes Anonymous would impose. From their previous activities it seems they would have everything digital to be free, which I am in favor of, but that's not how society works, and within the current structure their beliefs are only of long term detriment to consumers.

  • SabTheState

    Hmm sounds interesting, you do have on one hand that everyone wants PSN and that not many people are willing to sacrifice even that for a fairer world on the other hand, people that dont see past that will hate the community and without reputation what are people worth in our current society