PSN Outage, PS3 Errors and ‘Anonymous’ Thoughts

By Gary Johnson - Apr 6, 2011

Following on from the PSN outage and PS3 errors this week, we have seen an official response from Sony reporting the problems but not confirming too much of why it happened, and some gamers are not happy, especially if it has to do with hacking.

Peter over at The Sixth Axis has given his thoughts on the episode, and while he doesn’t condone piracy for financial benefit, he is not sure about the methods Sony is using. He goes on by saying he don’t necessarily agree with what anonymous are doing, but he can see what they believe that they are fighting against.

PlayStation 3 owners have been hit with the error code 8071053D or 80710D36 when trying to sign on to PSN. There is now a whole forum on the issue with gamers getting highly frustrated with the downtime. Many are saying that the hackers have lost any sympathy, as the downtime is affecting Joe public besides Sony.

Soon after we told you that Anonymous had warned Sony it would be targeting them, PSN and Sony websites started to have problems. Whatever you feel about the hackers case, it has been a very frustrating time for owners of the PlayStation 3.

How do you feel about the PSN downtime?

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  • gal33

    At this point in time I could give a rat ass about Geohot or his stupid gang or anybody who supports these bastards. Why are you punishing the rest of us over some shit we didnt care about anyway? You want to violate terms and conditions and modify your system…be my guest I dont give a shit hack away just leave me out and let me and the rest of the population who want to follow the rules play our goddamn games in peace. I want my fucking streaming

    movies and online gaming and your asshole crusade has deprived me of both. Put your skills to better use like national defense I would have more respect.

  • mike

    the people who cant go a couple weeks without ps3 seriously have a problem hahhahaha

  • We Are Anonymous

    We are ‘the Anonymous’…???!!!! TO HELL YOU ARE! FTW DO THEY THINK THEY’RE DOING. u would think a huge company like sony (worth billions) would be able to have very tight security for their servers. its ridiculous. these hackers must be extremely intellegent. at least they’re being fair. i mean they’re just holding on to the servers, its not like they’re terminating accounts, or worse, demanding high amounts of money from sony.

    what happened was sony sued a man called george hotz and the anonymous…

    • We Are Anonymous

      sony sued a man called george hotz (Geohotz) and the anonymous are taking action by getting revenge on sony. I wonder if the worst is still to come. i bet its a group of advanced japanese men who want to have some fun

  • 100ftFox

    What people either don't realize (or just haven't stated) is that this affects more than just Sony and the gaming population, it will also have adverse effects on developers. This will probably make a noticable decline in any products or service which rely on the PSN. Game developers are already being hit hard enough by used game retailers like GameStop and FYE; People hacking and jailbreaking systems decreases the amount of sales; People keep wondering where all of the good games are going, and why there is a lack of good, well written, high budgeted, fully polished games. This is all due to the different developers closing their doors to a lack of profit. Stop pirating, stop hacking, stop contributing to the fall of the video games you claim to love so much.

  • Edd

    What is the point of hacking? The hackers are basically terrorists. They are punishing and targeting innocent people to get back at Sony. Why not go after the people they are lissed off personally? They are cowards!! Hiding away and using dirty tactics!! I have no respect for anyone who would target innocent people to get back at someone they could easily get without affecting us lot!!! When these hackers get caught I think they should pay compensation to every person who has bought or has subscriptions on psn!!!!

  • SirAngry

    So Sony have confirmed its down to an 'outside intrustion', that's either the PSN has been hacked OR its a denial of service attack, if its anonymous its counter productive to your cause. I have some sympathy with some of the hackers out there because initially Sony allowed a lot of other stuff on the PS3 such as other OS's and removed them at a later date. When I first signed up to the PSN agreements it included the use of Linux. Sony removed that without negotiation with its customers and although I never used it I can see why some people would be p***ed about it. There is also the fact that Sony forced Youtube to release info on people who had viewed GeoHotz video, that again is a massive invasion of privacy, but this response is disproportionate, despite Sony being out of line on this one.

    However on the flip side what GeoHotz did was even worse, millions of people have tacitly agreed to abide by a closed online communities rules, PSN, to everyone's mutual benefit and enjoyment. Hacks meant that this was under threat as were legitimate companies trying to sell their wares without fear of piracy and theft. Long and short of it two wrongs don't make a right. Sony was trying to protect its business partners first and foremost, of that I have no doubt, but they were also protecting the rights of genuine gamers. For that reason alone and the health of the industry I'm right behind Sony's actions on this one. We need to learn that Corporations aren't evil, they're filled with people like you and me just trying to make a living.

  • T888

    maybe then you can run faster and live a little longer 🙂

  • T888

    But if Terminators started wondering around, Anonymous woud be your new God idiots. Sony is collecting all your information and not caring about the security of that data. So PSN better stay down. and you suckers go get a life and stop moaning cuz you cant play video games. go play basketball maybe

  • Yo momma

    Anonymous at the IRCs already said they had no part in the matter. I think its a ploy for Sony and in a couple of days or weeks we will have to pay to play online for the PS3. For "better service" and what not.

  • canterbury

    If an EMP was triggered globally, disabling all electronic hardware and plunging mankind back into the stone age, I'm afraid Anonymous would be at the bottom of the food chain.

    Have a good day.

  • Apple

    Dude, you have issues, go get a life instead of sitting on your pc all day, really what's the point stupid cunt

  • hhhhh

    you forgot "we are insecure, socially awkward, virgins who have our heads up our ass!"

  • toasty

    yall cant do anything stupid little girls… gaming isnt the only thing in life so stop being little girls about and unhack sony…. anonymous can suck it

  • toasty

    yall are freaking fags yall think yall are cool for hacking sony well that just shows how much of nerds yall are and i dont give a crap cuz we all have lifes unlike anonymous so just unhack sony and stop being little girls

  • Sam

    They're like terrorists, fighting the good fight, fighting for freedom and bla bla bla. Then they always end up hurting normal people like gamers and PS3 owners, which only want to enjoy the console.

    • mike

      did u really just compare some hackers screwing up some online games, to people who blow themselves up and kill innocent people?!?!?

  • Sam

    F*cking hackers. I wish sony could go down harder on them

  • KURT


  • Bob Dylan

    This had ruined my PSN all week, Anonymous are really starting to frustrate me ! 🙁 What have I done to suffer? They're not just affecting Sony, they're affecting the public as well.

    Why ain't ISP's just DDOS Anonymous back and show them, how much trouble it causes? Or infact terminate the DDOS'ers broadband connection.

    I've had enough, I paid money for content on the PSN and I can't even access it.


  • PunishingHammer

    I couldn't care about PSN Issues, though I do not "support" hacking, sony deserve to be punished.

  • Le Twig

    These hacking crusades from the likes of George Hotz and Anonymous are understandable and justifiable. But with adequate information, any position is justifiable. For me it comes down to the fact that I like computer games, and my experience of those games is being ruined (which i paid good money for). I rely on Sony to provide me with the means to play interesting and innovative games, so I am naturally frustrated with all the hacking problems as of late. That's not to say I have a position on what is right or wrong, I'm just annoyed, and if I had the means to stop the hacking, I would.

  • JCJ

    its back up for me for about an hour now in the US

    • Flaco

      And were in da U.S ur in

  • lmao @ playstation

    ha ha . . give up and go to x box . . u might find us lot harder to play but dont cry

    • rrod

      i can see why 13 year old screaming racist homophobes might be harder to play thatn PS3 users.