Mozilla Firefox 4, 10 Slow Add-Ons To Avoid

By Jamie Pert - Apr 6, 2011

Installing Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons is supposed to give you a richer web browsing experience, however some add-ons do in fact have an adverse affect on your web browsing, recently Mozilla has named and shamed some of the worst culprits

You can see Mozilla’s list of top 10 slow performing add-ons here, the chart looks at how add-ons affect Firefox start-up times, the results are pretty staggering.

If you install the FoxLingo add-on Mozilla Firefox will take 74% longer to start-up, having Firebug installed will take 74% longer whilst the AniWeather add on makes start 54% longer.

Here are the other add-ons which cause slow start-up: FlashGot (50%), FoxClocks (46%), FoxyTunes (44%), Video DownloadHelper (33%), FastestFox ( 33%), Xmarks Sync (30%) and SimilarWeb (23%).

Obviously having one of these add-ons installed will seriously affect Firefox’s start-up time, however imagine if you have FoxLingo, Firebug and AniWeather installed! We recommend that the you check which add-ons you have installed and uninstall any which are unnecessary.

Hopefully Mozilla publishing this list of add-ons will result in developers improving their apps, this way Firefox users will get a faster web browsing experience, which is what we all want isn’t it?

Have you removed any add-ons as a result of this article? Let us know if you have noticed any speed improvements in the comments section below.

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  • Gagan Deep Gupta


    I did disabled all the Add-On except the following:

    1. Mozilla Default Plugin 1.0 – no clue why it is there??

    2. Java Platform SE 6 U2

    3. Shockwave Flash 10

    Still having the performance issue in accessing Facebook, Rediffmail and Yahoo.

    Gmail works on in HTML view (Standard it always throws error or mail doesn’t open up.