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HP Palm Pre 3 on Verizon and New Keyboard-less device leaks

We have some exciting news for Palm fans now as a fresh leak online has given us a fresh picture of the highly anticipated Palm Pre 3 running on Verizon Wireless, as well as a brand new picture revealing a never before seen handset running webOS. Don’t miss this one whatever you do.

The guys over at Pre Central are the ones we need to thank for the pictures, as their source has provided them with both images – one of the Pre 3 and one of a new device which doesn’t feature a slide-out keyboard. It does look a bit like the HTC EVO we have to say as well, but obviously this one will be running webOS rather than Android.

As for the Palm Pre 3, it’s still very much an elusive device, with no word on when the device will be coming out – but this latest leak may be an indication that HP and Palm are ready to release this at some point this year. Since both devices are unofficial and HP are probably not too happy about the leak, we’ll not post the pictures here, but they are up at Pre Central at the moment for all to see.

What are your thoughts on both devices? Are you more interested in a keyboard-less device running webOS, or the Palm Pre 3?



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