COD Black Ops: Escalation Map Pack – Xbox 360 Release Date and Exclusivity Info

By Alan Ng - Apr 6, 2011

If you are a Call of Duty fan, you’ll know that the latest map pack for Black Ops, titled Escalation has been leaked by GAME before Activision had the chance to announce it offiically. The bad news for PS3 and PC owners looking for a release date, is that it looks like this deal will once again be exclusive on the Xbox 360 first.

As we mentioned in our previous article here, Escalation will be out on May 3rd, and will feature five brand new maps, just like previous map First Strike. Those maps are Zoo, Convoy, Hotel, Stockpile and a brand new zombie map called ‘Survive’ or ‘Call of the Dead’.

What you may have been wondering though, is if this map will be releasing on the PS3 and PC as the same time as the Xbox 360, but sadly it looks like you’re going to have to wait until the first week of June at least. Microsoft and Activision still have a three year exclusive deal in place, so Escalation and any other map packs due out this year will still land on the Xbox 360 first.

Firstly, what are your thoughts on the new maps – Surprised they are coming so soon after First Strike? Will you be forking out another 1200MS Points for these, or will you give it a miss this time around? As for PS3 and PC owners, are you tired of this exclusivity deal now, or have you become used to playing the new maps last? We’ll bring you full details on the maps when Activision announce it officially.

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  • jizzmaster

    i jizzed on my xbox and it still doesnt over heat

  • ~ThE PrEdAtOr~

    who cares if xbox get it first coz they wont get the chance becoz that piece of garbage overheats every min psn is a fail coz of outage but xbox is a epic double fail!

    • csimi

      uhh not really xbox doesnt overheat every min….

  • fluffy gangsta

    as a ps3 owner ive gotten used to gettin the maps later… but my friends got a 360 so i just go over 2 his house the release of the maps

  • Plimp

    It's pretty simple, Microsoft gets paid to run xbox live which is why they get releases earlier than everyone else. It's also why xbox live is so much better than the PSN. Don't get me wrong, I own and like the PS3. It's just when you compare the online gaming of the two xbox live wins hands down in every way shape and form. But as they say 'You get what you pay for'.

  • lochie


  • Dave H

    As a PS3 player, I don't really care about the maps coming later. It would be nice to get them earlier . . . but I can survive another month without them. (Somehow I figure this is going to start a system fight despite the fact that I am not trying to start one) Enjoy!

    • Alan Ng

      I agree Dave, it would be nice..but I think the majority of PS3 users are used to it now.

  • Jon-Paul

    I wish they would go back to the 800MS price range.