Are the stories about Nintendo 3DS illnesses exaggerated?

By Gary Johnson - Apr 6, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS has been getting a lot of press the last couple of days, with ‘stories’ of people complaining of headaches and dizziness while using the console.

Now we are not saying these reports are not true, but wondered if we are seeing the whole picture. The 3DS has sold a bucket load of units since it was released, and many people have already told us that they have had no problems using the console.

Retailers in the UK have also rubbished earlier reports that thousands of 3DSs were being returned by owners, Nintendo themselves have refuted these claims. So it begs the question are we only seeing the odd bad report in the press instead of all the good ones?

We have decided to run a poll amongst Nintendo 3DS owners which you can see below.

[poll id=”333″]

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