Nintendo 3DS problems continue or do they?

By Gary Johnson - Apr 5, 2011

We reported to you earlier today about some owners who have found the Nintendo 3DS was causing them headaches, and were experiencing problems when trying to get a refund. Now we have a report of an unnamed chain of stores not passing on the possible problems with the console.

Andrea Petrou from TechEye is reporting that they have been told that a popular chain of UK game shops, has been telling staff to keep potential customers in the dark about the 3DS causing some people to feel dizzy or ill.

TechEye has said they cannot name the chain involved, and are reporting that one branch alone saw thirty 3DS being returned over one weekend. Just under half of the returns were as a result of people feeling sick.

But retailer GAME has said it had “fewer than five complaints” via its customer services, and Neil Ashurst head of communications from the group added that none of its stores had received any complaints. The store also allows people to try out the 3DS before purchasing.

The refund issues are a tricky one, as stores don’t have to give a refund unless there is an actual hardware fault, which there isn’t. We have had readers contacting us saying they have had no issues with headaches or dizziness while playing the 3DS.

Since it was launched the 3DS has sold a vast amount of units, so the people who have had issues may be a very small percentage. Nintendo have also given guidelines about using the console, and there is the slider on the side to turn the 3D effect down or off.

How have you found the 3DS?

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  • Azam Khan

    Nitendo 3ds is a good device one have to do some research before buying it as it is meant to be play games in cosiderable time not for the whole day. If you play games for more than 2 hours you might feel some headache, but this is considerable as we all know that 3d tv are also have problems when you watch them for more than 2 hours in 3d mode.


    Yes, i agree, the 3D effect does create a new sensation, which many people are not used to. I read about the warning beforehand, possible headaches, not recommended for kids under 6 yrs of age, screwing up people's vision, etc. I knew all this and i still bought on. Plan on keeping it. Anyone who bought one without knowing the side-effects would be foolish. Warnings are posted everywhere.