Ninja Gaiden 3 – Release Date Info and Multiplayer Modes

By Jamie Pert - Apr 5, 2011

In early March we revealed that Ninja Gaiden 3 would be officially unveiled at E3 2011, now we can confirm that the game will feature some multiplayer game modes.

Full details are currently unknown, however Yosuke Hayashi told PlayStation: The Official Magazine that the mode would be complex, also it has been revealed that the single-player missions will take a slightly different approach when compared to previous Ninja Gaiden video games.

Previous Ninja Gaiden games have seen different release dates for different platforms, we cannot confirm the game’s release date, however we can confirm that it will arrive on PS3 and Xbox 360 on the same day.

All of this information was sourced from an article posted on JoyStiq, towards the end of their article they also say that Ryu Hayabusa will be game’s only playable character and it “will focus more deeply on Ryu Hayabusa’s life and lifestyle and feelings and thoughts”.

For more information pick up the April issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, we doubt that much else will be revealed before E3 2011, however if we do hear more we will keep you posted.

Feel free to post your Ninja Gaiden 3 multiplayer mode ideas in the comments section below.

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