June iPhone 5 Special Media Event, Not WWDC

By Marlon Votta - Apr 5, 2011

The Apple iPhone 5 is due for release at the end of June according to Korea‘s ETNews website. But there has been various information regarding the iPhone 5 date being the 6th of June, and as to Apple’s introduction to the WWDC, as it seems the Worldwide Developer’s Conference will be paying all their attention to software needs.

KT and SK Telecom, which are the Korean companies involved, are rumored be one of the first to be offering the Apple iPhone 5, according to ETNews.co.kr, with Apple giving confirmation of release 4 weeks into June by both KT and SK Telecom in Korea. Without a Worldwide Developer’s Conference establishing the iPhone. Apple are looking to host a media ceremony with Steve Jobs attending.

As reports and rumors are sketchy you cant fault the media attention that Apple brings to the table. Do you find this interesting? The iPhone 5 launch will be without a doubt a special media event. For more information on the June launch of the iPhone 5 visit macrumors.com

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