iPad 2 Updated Shipping Times: Supply With Demand Balance

By Marlon Votta - Apr 5, 2011

New iPad 2 customers will be pleased to know there have been updated shipping times for within 2-3 weeks for online orders via its United States stores, which shows that there is a continuing need for Apple to make the iPad 2 available.

With a ration of 2 per order the iPad 2 will be available in all editions. The tablet’s 16-64GB with wireless connectivity all shipping over the duration of 21 days, which is better than the initial 3-4 weeks given on the 24th of March, before that buyers were looking at over a month, as it was 4-5 weeks shipping for new orders.

After the iPad started to sell new orders abroad on 25th of March marketing to 25 countries, the time of arrival was about 2-3 weeks directly from Apple, which has not changed for overseas buyers.

So supply and demand has had an affect on Apple’s ability to improve availability after the iPad originally went on the market in the States during March. Will you find this a responsive attitude from Apple? To hear more on the Apple’s availability improvements read Katie Marsal’s review over on appleinsider.com

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