Facebook For iPhone: Social network app gets updated

By Gary Johnson - Apr 5, 2011

The Facebook application for the iPhone and other iDevices has just received an update. This update is not just some minor tweaks, but a few good improvements have been made to the social media application.

Jessica Dolcourt from Cnet is reporting that one of the new features is the ability to unfriend someone direct from your mobile device, instead of having to go through your profile page on the main Facebook site. Facebook Places has had a map view added, where users can just click on a friend’s name to be able to see the location of their last check-in.

A simple tap on the map will expand it to fill the entire screen. Another new feature is the Event check-ins. If a friend invites you to an event you can now check in when you arrive, this may encourage more users to take advantage of the service.

The Notifications option of the application has also been enhanced, as well as the newsfeed service. For those who have yet to download the application, it is available free on the App Store for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with iOS 3.0 or later.

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  • bluglobug

    I updated my facebook on the Iphone. I no longer get FV posts. Pretty annoying for me who likes to collect items when I am on a break at work.