Anonymous Plots Revenge against Sony: PS3 Loyalty Questioned

By Alan Ng - Apr 5, 2011

It appears that the battle between Sony and the hackers has just taken a turn for the worst, or better depending on where you stand. It has been reported that a group known as ‘anonymous’ have targeted Sony, stating that they’re out for revenge against the company after their legal actions against developers Geohot and Graf_Chokolo.

If you have been keeping up with the saga, you’ll know that the court battle is still ongoing, but this anonymous group has gone to great lengths to ensure that the world takes notice of their upcoming plans. For starters, they claim that they will attack a number of Sony websites, with Sony-Europe and the Sony Pictures websites specifically mentioned in their website notes.

Following on from this, a report over at PlayStation Lifestyle states that both and are currently down as a result of this vendetta against Sony, but we’ve just checked both sites and they are fine – although loading a little slower than normal perhaps. It is also important to note that the PlayStation Network could be a target for Anonymous, as it has been confirmed that Sony has taken down PSN for ‘sporadic maintenance’ – although there’s no proof that it’s connected to the group, yet.

As a PS3 user taking in all of this news, what are your thoughts on this? If you originally sided with Geohot and his arguments against Sony, do you now feel things are going a bit too far if it could result in the PlayStation Network being attacked? Don’t forget that credit card information is stored on Sony’s servers so this could become a major issue if it escalates further.

Do you support these attacks against Sony, or do you think it needs to stop now?

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  • DeAD_Gawjus

    Just play the games, hackers get a life!!!!!!! let people enjoy playing PS3, the one game i like best has been ruined by modders :'( People do something usefull with your life, if u good at doing crap with computers (which i aint :D) Get a job working for these companies not against em. AAHHH i had my say (and i think i was calm :P)

  • Drew

    To many morons out there not happy with what they have. This hacking business is stupid. Why can't you just be normal instead of breaking into shit making people pass more laws taking even more rights away. I'll put it like this… when kids started doing dumb shit in schools they blamed video games and movies because they allege that video games teach behaviors and all these dip shits hacking to either cheat steal or mess someone else's system up is just proving points for the people who want to shut it down. Grow up book worms maybe adventure outside and get a girl friend instead of sitting on your butt going through code like a robot 11001010010101 losers.

  • scott winter

    You are wasting your time hacking a game console ruskies, try going after some worth while like the US treasury or something that will actually give a good reputation other than that of a fiver year old sucking his thumb because he didnt receive his favorite blanket for their afternoon nap. GET REAL! Sony has more money than the two rejects, enjoy going broke ruskies!

  • Le Twig

    I think people should be able to alter their console, but then again, I think people have the right to do whatever they want without compromise. Forget whether its right or wrong, just consider that there is always a cost, and in this case, it's ruined online games and annoyed many people. I love video games, and I am naturally frustrated by this. Anonymous' crusade on "liberating hardware" is justifiable, but if they are video game fans, the short-comings of this plan are blatant.

  • Thomas

    some kid with an IQ that dwarfs yours and mine sat there and figured it out, and then another smart kid figured out how to make it better, and guess what if you want games and consoles to get better than you better just let them keep doing it or we might as well just stop were we are since, the art of invention has become a crime unless you own a corporation.
    Another thing to look at is hello the computer would not have been invented, and the internet, and computer networking, wireless, cell phones, etc.. Not all Hackers are trying to attack something, some are just hacking code, not all hackers are malicious. that being said no I do not agree with what Annonymus is threatning to do. I think it is cool to see them support Geo and Choc but I do not agree with the way they want to do it, if they really want to show them something, then finish jailbreaking the 3.6 firmware and put it out there for free! Keep the thing going, and do it for free, keep the information free. Show sony that no matter how many people you take down we will continue to do what makes us who we are.

  • Thomas

    Sony has used some huge bullying tactics in this matter. If everyone takes the time to truly get up to date as to what is happening in this case they would see that GEOHOT, and Chokola are not in any way doing any of the things that sony is worried about. The Sony PS3 was originally released with an OS2 option. You could use your Sony to put another operating system on your PS3 essentially making it a Personal Computer. They removed this without the consumers consent. Fine whatever, but it is ridiculous to say that we should not be allowed to take apart or mess with something that we spent in the neighborhood of $300 for.

    • Thomas

      When we buy computers is it illegal to open them up and add upgrades, or change their architecture? What about your car or motorcycle. You paid for it, is it against the law for you to change the way it runs, or how it performs in general? The people that are cheating on the PSN network and the ones who are pirating games are not the ones who are cracking the PS3 code. Do you really think someone who spends as many hours a day and night as Geo, and Choko do spend their time playing games, and trying to beat you up on the PSN network?

      • Thomas

        No they are trying to see just how smart they are, they are doing what every other competitor company is doing, and they are reverse engineering the console to make it better. Do you think Microsoft, Nintendo and any other company with an interest in the video gaming console wars is not paying people to break down the PS3 so they can put out a better product in the next few years? Cmmon!! The people who take the time to break these technological toys down are the same people that end up finding ways to make our lives easier through technology. Nobody complains about that. How do you think the gaming consoles came into existence in the first place.

  • Sam

    Just because you own a ps3 doesn't mean ou can fu*k with other ps3 owners. Doesn't mean you can hack games and cheat online. That's just toxic to the internet community, I hope Sony is ready and I hope they'll find those anonymous bastards and sue them all until they bleed money.

    • Anonymous

      you sir are an idiot, the jailbreak is free for one and it is not cheating, the jailbreak is to make the ps3 run like a PC, you can also play pirated games on the jail broken PS3, in fact the military PC's are made up of dozens of jail broken PS3's as their main pc, if it weren't for hackers i believe we would still be running windows 98, respect us

  • Moshalas

    They're not trying to stop credit fraud. As far as I know, Sony are the ones who disrespect privacy front and centre. Sooner or later, that shiny Sony Vaio laptop of yours will no longer be yours and truly.

  • John

    It's understandable for Sony to fight back for what they have invented but lines have to be drawn between consumer and manufacturer when it comes to purchasing property and I think the only thing Sony should have control over is the PSN. If it conflicts with the consumers altering their hardware it's just going to be a long battle that shouldn't go legal. Sony will realize (if they haven't already) how much money they've put into trying to deter hackers and go after two individuals who rightfully can do whatever they want to their equipment. It's funny how you're given limited warranties and support compared to knowing you can be sued at any time for choosing to re-engineer your system for your own fun and benefit.

    • WerD

      The argument that people should be able to do what they want with a PS3, just because they own it does NOT hold water, in my opinion. The problem that Sony has involves how an altered PS3 can effect other users online. WHAT'S THE POINT OF PLAYING ONLINE IF THE PLAYING FIELD IS NOT FAIR? Is it someone's right to use their PS3 to cheat other players? Is it someone right to use their PS3 to erase another user's gamer history or compromise other PS3 users credit card information? These are the types of infractions that Sony is trying to stop.

      • art

        WerD the modifications were not for cheating.although i wouldn't doubt that something would have come up.the modifications allowed you to install a linux release and essentially use the PS3 as a PC. Another use would have been the user being able to run mods, ports, emulators and eventually pirated PS3 games.i have been doing this to my Wii since 09' and nintendo releases updates for the sole purpose of combating the "hackers". instead of improving on there system. the community will not be stopped.theres always someone else willing to pick up the coding where it was left off. sony has learned from nintendo but obviously not enough