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Adrift is PS3 exclusive, First Look at Details

News today from Thesixthaxis says that the Sony’s Playstation 3 has bagged an exclusive title to their console which hopes to be a big release. The title has apparently been in development for three years, therefore developers must have high-hopes.

There is not much information regarding the game yet, however the source says that it looks to be set in a ‘futuristic gothic punk universe’ where the lead character ‘Edge’ could be voiced by Tercelin Kirtley who has worked with Ubisoft on other projects in the past.

The game looks like an action adventure game with a slight RPG twist to it. The concept art shows that there will be many beasts and demons that I’m sure will feature heavily as part of the story, however no official names or details have been announced. We can only say that a title has been confirmed for the PS3 and it looks to be a big hit for the console.

We will keep you informed of the news about Adrift, keep checking back to find out any updates about the title. We expect a teaser trailer maybe soon or an E3 2011 reveal seeing as there is already an interview (In French), with who we guess is the producer of the game. Are you excited about the sound of Adrift?



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