Millions of email accounts hacked following Epsilon security breach

By Gary Johnson - Apr 5, 2011

We told you last month about users email accounts on TripAdvisor being hacked into, and today we have some more email accounts being hacked on some big US retailers. This follows a security breach at Epsilon, and concerns millions of email accounts.

An article by James on Empowered News is reporting more email addresses have been stolen by hackers from the likes of Best Buy, TiVo Inc, and Walgreen Co. the companies have confirmed that customer’s personal information that they hold has been compromised.

They use a service which is run by Dallas based company Epsilon, that also supplies around 2,500 companies nationwide. In a statement they said that an investigation would be taking place, and reassured customers that the data stolen was emails and names.

The retailers concerned have said that Epsilon contacted them about the hack and said the risk was small as only email addresses had been stolen. The email addresses could be used by the hackers to contact customers to try and get more personal information from them.

Other companies affected by the hacking include Kroger Co., and financial firm JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPMorgan have confirmed no financial information was involved in the data theft. Best Buy has warned customers to ignore emails requesting asking for personal details that may be used in identity theft. Barclays Bank also uses Epsilon and have again warned customers about rogue emails, but stated all of their credit card information is safe.

Customers who have used Disney Destinations should also keep a watch on their inbox, as they were also caught up in the email hack according to an article by Pete Werner on DIS Unplugged.

Does this security breach concern you?

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  • Cliff

    I was also hacked tonight. Epsilon is lying and I am very concerned now as I too use strong PWs and my GMAIL account suddenly received all of these return notices for e-mails that were sent 30 minutes ago, e-mails I DID NOT send.


  • RWH

    I agree with Pissed. I have complex passwords with regular changes, and haven't had a problem in 15 years. Now all my contacts are getting spam allegedly from me. This is not just a name breach, but that's what Airmiles are sticking to. I suggest boycotting companies that issue Airmiles, and telling them why. That will wake up Airmiles to the problem.

  • ROR

    LOL Daniel, that was the most entertaining post I have seen all day

  • no u

    god damn how stupid can some people be -HURR GIVES PERSONAL INFO- omg I was hacked! No you weren't dumbass, you gave your shit out.

  • Daniel Webster

    Jesus Christ. The word is BREACH, not "Breech."

  • Pissed

    They are lying. More info was exposed. My e-mail starting spamming my contacts April 1st. This was the first time I have ever been hacked and I use a strong passwords. I couldn't believe it was my fault as I'm not a computer noob. Then I get this email today. Now it all makes sense. I suggest to change your passwords and use a rotating or expiring password. Do not trust the email they send you. More of your info was compromised. Worry if you got this mail and be very careful.. Remember hackers don't hack, they write programs to do the dirty work, and since a program can run thousands of operations per second means you will fight a loosing battle. Shame, my email was obtained thru a job application, I never signed up for anything.