Madden NFL 12 Concussion Rule: Emphasis on Realism

There are now reports that Madden NFL 12 will add a concussion rule, which will certainly help to add an emphasis on realism – something that has been needed for some time. We say this because this game franchise is known for being one of the best football simulators of its kind, but being able to keep on playing following a massive blow to the head seems to contradict that.

There are those of you who might say that there are other games that exploit this issue even further, such as Modern Warfare. However, Bleacher Report explains that Madden NFL (new first teaser trailer) is more true to life, so it is far more important to correct these small oversights. Although these changes are only small, it will help to teach kids about how dangerous a sport it really is.

There are also going to be a few more changes to this year’s version of Madden NFL, such as no more animations of head-to-head hits or tackles that also involves the head. The reason for this is because the NFL is putting a stop to it, and so are EA Sports. There might be those saying that this will take an edge of the game, but we have to remember just how important it is to educate children of today.

Video games are far more important than ever says Madden, as it is a platform for learning about all aspects of sport and not the playground, as it once was. We have to feel a little sad that our kids now rely on staying indoors to learn about a sport, rather than being outside to feel the excitement – although it is a lot safer.

How do you feel about the new concussion rule for Madden NFL 12?


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