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Final Fantasy V Coming to PSN, No PS3 Release Date Given

If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy video game series we have some great news for you, Final Fantasy V is coming to the PlayStation 3, it will a downloadable title accessible via the PlayStation Network.

Sadly know release date has been given, nor do we know a price, however fans of the FFV will just be glad to here that the 19-year-old title will be available on one of the current-gen consoles.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the game is left “as is”, let’s face it people love Final Fantasy games because of their deep storylines and impressive gameplay, a visual overhaul is not necessary.

When we hear more about a release date we will keep you posted, multiple sources suggest that Spring 2011 is likely, however we have not heard any official confirmation of this.

Most critics scored Final Fantasy V roughly 8/10 in their reviews. MetaCritic has pulled together reviews from 25 different sites and averaged the scores out and it has a MetaScore of 83/100 (the GameBoy Advance version), which is very impressive, therefore don’t be too surprised if the game is a hit on the PS3.

Will you buy Final Fantasy V from the PSN?



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