CoD MW3, Attachment, Killstreak and Equipment Ideas

By Jamie Pert - Apr 5, 2011

People are already starting to talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and how it can be better than MW2 and Black Ops, today we will look at some attachment, equipment and killstreak reward ideas which we have been researching, there is also a comments section at the end of this article which allows you to share your ideas.

Let’s start with attachment ideas. So far in Call of Duty games we have seen a large-list of attachments including sights, suppressors, flame throwers, grenade launchers and shotgun barrels but what could we see in MW3?

We think that it would be cool if MW3 offered an under-mounted stun gun which silently incapacitates an enemy (allowing you to finish them off with melee attack). Also we would like to see an under-mounted net which could tangle up multiple enemies. This would be great if you were playing headquarters or domination where multiple enemies are often found close together, enemies would be able to knife there way out of the net, however it would take quite a while to get out.

Another attachment idea we read about was a harpoon attachment, this could be used to kill enemies or to access hard to reach places, this would really diversify gameplay and combat campers.

One other idea we thought about was the possibility to booby-trap your weapons via an attachment, this could mean that if some one picks up a weapon you drop (when you die perhaps) it will recognize that someone else has picked up the weapon and either kill them, infect them or show up on the map for you to see when you spawn.

We have a couple of equipment ideas as well, if you check out this YouTube video he talks about a Taser Shockwave, this would be planted like a claymore and would be able to fire out multiple tazers when people walk past, it would not finish an enemy off (unless their health was low) and would incapacitate them for perhaps 15 seconds. You can find out more about the real-life Taser Shockwave here, it is used for riot control.

We have never seen interactive environments in any Call of Duty, perhaps there could be breach explosives which could be applied like C4, this could allow you to blow a hole through walls etc, this means that every time you play a map it would be different, however we think that this should be limited to one use per round.

Finally we will talk about a few killstreak ideas, we would like to see a mine field reward which would allow you to cover a small area of a map in mines, these would show up on friendly maps, however be invisible to the enemy (unless using a perk which shows enemy equipment)

We feel that a lot of Call of Duty killstreak rewards are great for the player who gets them but not necessarily for their teammates, perhaps we could see rewards like we saw in Medal of Honor 2010 where you can choose either an offensive of defensive reward, defensive rewards could give you and your teammates things like armor piercing bullets and flakjackets etc for a limited amount of time.

Finally we would like to ask you a few questions about what you would like to see in Modern Warfare 3, therefore answer any of these questions in the comments section below. Do you want a game-ending killstreak reward like Tactical Nuke? What equipment, attachments and killstreak ideas do you have? What equipment, attachments and killstreaks would you like to see scrapped? Let us know all of your ideas below.

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  • Noah Newman99

    im not talking about mw3, im talking about the next one btw

  • Noah Newman99

    also, on your light machine guns, it would be cool if you could mount it on something like a wall so you can have increased accuracy but u can still unmount it

  • noah n.

    it would be cool if cod had assassinations like in halo , but different ones, like if u jump it would be a different assassination than just walking up and doing it.

  • Mw3Marsu

    i think that mw3 should have a ghilie grass thing on snipers that like attachement and knife attachemt in assault rifles it works like tactical knife but its under barrel and it stabs enemys

  • Vewdew_swik

    demand that MW3 incorporates “choke tubes” to shotguns as unlockable attachments… a choke tube allows you to control how tight a pellet pattern is, in turn this will give shotguns the option for better range. Cause we dont have have buck/slug option.

  • Justin Proboy

    What about a flashlight attachment that you could turn on and off

  • parkerwvsp

    they should not put the harpoon and the net sounds like it would be really abused in cod mw3 but the stungun sounds fun 

  • parkerwvsp

    they should not put the harpoon and the net sounds like it would be really abused in cod mw3 but the stungun sounds fun 

  • parkerwvsp

    they should not put the harpoon and the net sounds like it would be really abused in cod mw3 but the stungun sounds fun 

  • rr

    a net, really,a net? your stupid

  • They should let us drive vehicles and put an airfield on each side of the teams spawn

  • They should also put spec ops in to… 

  • Zombies would be good in MW3… MW3 should give players the ability to dig holes and hid in them or booby trap them like bear traps or somthing idk

  • combat training and theater mode are from black ops

  • riot sheild

  • Guns-acr,m16,famas,aug,ak47,fn2000,m4 carbine not the one from mw2,scar h,mp5,uzi,ump45,p90,m240,rpd,intervention,g18,aa12,model 1887,spaz 12,55 magnum,usp 45,m9,at4 hs,rpg, so bring everything back exept granade launcher
    Maps- HUGE but bring back some old maps like highrise
    same perks no juggernut or cammando
    make it more real not people who run around with a knife ow ya no throwing kinfe but i would love quickscoping

  • brendan schatz

    ok no newb toobing its realy stupid i go on ten kill streaks and get noob toobed it pisses me off i think they should have and end game kill streak and should add up the kills from kill streak… I would like to bring back emblems and titles because they are a fun thing to see what you earned. I think there should be earning everything again instead of having to buy it all.

  • Raiders 4_life

    I think there should be a 3rd pro that is a little harder 2 get but worth it like for example warlord you can get a 3rd attachment for your primary but u cant have 1 for ur secondary, or selected fire as an attachment for the famas, m16 from 3 round burst to automatic or vice versa

    Other 3rd pro perks:
    flack jacket-semtex sticks dont kill you
    scavenger- pick up gernade launcher amo; if noobtubing stays the same or give amo to teamates 1s per life
    hardline- 4th killstreak but only small 1s
    harden-no flinch at all and no red on screen
    those are just some that i thought of WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?????

  • Anonymous

     tactical nuke

  • devon kinard

    players should have adreneline rushes

  • Reptar2012

    Ok, All i know is for a new game like this and all the past games have been the same they should add something new. Like a high level killstreak instead of seeing everyone on the map you can see them through walls highlighted in red. Or just in general have objectives highlighted through walls so that there isn't something floating above it so you can't see an enemy past it unless you aim at it. Just make the game have a true modern setting and feeling to it. And less noobtubes somehow please. No quickscoping either. Thats for little kids. It's rated M.

  • Austin

    ok for all of you who you want quick scoping your all fags. you snipe to shoot people over long distances. stfu and move on with you lives

  • justmy2cents

    how about actually having damage being realistic depending where you hit has damage modifiers tomahawk in the big toe shouldn't kill anyone, chest shot is one shot kill, head shot one shot kill, depending where you hit has damage modifiers six shot in the leg will kill something like that, accuracy should count for something!

  • henk

    insted of zombies lets make aliens

  • Justin H

    Advanced knife kills would be interesting and intense! Like if ur behind your enemy u can choose where to stap them and there animations with it. Of course if u get stabbed in the leg u wont die but then u would be able to knee him in the face when hes bent over! I feel knife animations would be really awesome

  • matt

    That would be cool if there was a melee finishing move like at stab to the enemies throat if you kill them off guard. Something satisfying. This quick swipe of a knife is boring and needs to be changed. I want to feel like im really melee a enemy. Lets earn the M rating

  • Andrew

    I think there should be killstreaks higher then 25 like sorta like the napalm strike exept it sprays NOVA 6 or like zombies raise from the ground turning everyone into zombies ending the game or something like that. Or Maybe bring back the hardline pro to change your carepackages.

  • shaun

    I would like to see a knife upgrade. say you start off with the normal knife, and when you reach, say, lvl 25, you unlock a big-ass hunting knife (like the bowie knife) the they could vary between machetes, rock (for the poor peoples, but might also do lots of damage) and even axes. Leading on from that, they could make finishing moves with mele items (kinda like in halo reach and other games), i mean imagine afinal killcam with a dude jumping onto a taliban guy and then sticking an axe into his head!

  • sup


  • Josh

    Stopping power in the same perk slot as ghost
    No danger close
    No juggernaut
    No second chance
    No commando
    Smg's are only effective at close range, no ump sniping etc.
    Snipers to scope in straight
    Acog's to look cool like cod4 m4oa3 acog or l96a1 acog, no shitty mw2 acog
    Killstreaks dont stack
    Lots of snipers like cod4
    Deagle to be beast again
    No claymores
    Noobtube should be hard to unlock
    No bs cod points, i wanna earn my camos etc.
    Wager match
    Theater mode
    A survival mode? not spec ops
    No overpowered killstreaks
    Teh nuke
    No lightweight, just leave sprint speed alone!!!
    Dolphin dives or slides?
    No grips for smg's
    Chrome, Bronze, Gold camos
    Customizable player model
    Alot of different options to choose from in private matches, like blops
    No pro versions of perks, just keep it equipment perk, main perk (like stopping power), and random perk… like cod 4, where its just you and your gun, Overpowered perk combinations are what make good cod players these days, lets take it back to skill
    And ofcourse, Dedicated servers so no host advantage

    • Ollie

      Spot on mate

  • bigstickbill

    new guns with the map packs or even just gun packs…….

  • Junior

    Something i would like to see is instead of just a pro perk but a choice between two options like pro a or b and have diff effects and only allowed to choose one so not everyone would have the same perk and allow weapons customization similar to army of two so I could change the look and stats of a weapon as to suit ur style of gameplay and also a perk and weapon dlc would be nice instead of just maps make the dlc worth 15 anyone care to add something that would be a good idea

  • jrock

    they should have a couple different knifes
    machete- longer range, but slower knife return
    Basic knife- medium range and speed
    shank knife- quick short knife

    bayonets should be allowed on all guns!

    and i dont know why black ops doesnt let you have a grenade launcher as a warlord perk, that is stupid

    i like the acog on call of duty 4 the best.

    scavenger should let you pick up claymores

    and they should let you akimbo two different guns, like have an uzi in one hand and a ranger in the other would be lethal

    i like the whole idea of booby tarpping crates, and the hardline pro you can change the content of the package

    emergency airdrop needs to be back! and let the killstreaks carry over!

    the camera was a cool equipment idea, but it should be more hidden, and hacker pro is cool because you can steel equipment

    thermal scope was sick, infrared scope sucked, and i also thought it was kinda racist that black ops didnthave black people WTF!

    To tell if someone has a killstreak they should be covered in more blood. the more people you kill, the more blood you get on you, i think thats a cool idea. But the should definitly make the game mroe graphic and violent as it can be, because people love that stuff, i also think its cool when the characters talk on mulitplayer, and say some badass stuff, like "that motherfucker is down!" or "eat shittt!"

    to make it seem like there are more maps, they should let you change the weather(rain, sunny, snowy, windy) or the daytime(midnght, morning, afternoon) this would make the maps a lot cooler and customizable

  • timbrwolf1121

    this is an opinion but i would really like to see a soviet SKS rifle as a ww2 novelty considering you have a shotgun from 1887 you should put the SKS on there it was the grand daddy to the ak-47 only musch more accurate with higher range the soviets chrome plated the inside of the barrel and put more powder in the round its much better if you get you specifications from a real rifle

  • timbrwolf1121

    play army of two the 40th day and take hints from its weapon modding system then put it on cod then you have got the best game ever

  • timbrwolf1121

    if u get one shot one kill unless its a shotgun or explosives there needs to be no killcam for that kill because it ruins the stealth of a good sniper if they see your position when you kill them

  • D-West

    Oh yeah more sniper missions for campaign… It's really the only part i look forward to with the campaign

  • D-West

    Guns should be outrageously customizable: colors, emblems, gems, etc. It would be cool to choose your type of ammunition: lead, hollow points, armor piercing, etc(all varying in power,speed,distance, or decides how much recoil and how much they throw off the person hits aim). 3-4 attachments when you reach a certain prestige/level where you can add a suppressor, holographic, shotgun/tube/tazer/gas. I love the currency idea and customization of black ops because it makes it more personal. I think the amount of guns should be ridiculous like 30 in each category would be ideal(why not?). Some huge maps like the ones in BFBC2 would be fun for sniping, it could help change up the pace after you've been playing the traditional sized maps. All angle dives would be interesting. Maybe like chicken wire for sneaking up behind people lol. Your teammates names only light up in all gameplay types not just hardcore. LIke a special grenade that throws rubber balls around throwing off there aim and hurting them the enemy. Cumulative kill streaks please! Some type of celebration in the end to make people overly competitive. Team deathmatch wagers for clans. split screen on live most definitely. Mortar tube added to the launcher category. Carrying 3 weapons like a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and pistol. Fuck last stand!!

  • bob

    quickscoping is shit, commando was shit, hackers are shit, they are the biggest thing that ruin the game for genuine gamers……..if you need hacks to do any good that proves how crap you really are.

  • YnWa3107

    i think u shud be able 2 upgrade your knife like you start with a 2 hit kill one and then like a normal knife one hit kill but crap range then end with like a bowie knife 1 hit kill and longer range etc but i also think you shud be able to choose no knife but like a repair kit sentry, shut open things etc i also would like no nwb tubes and some sort of bonus game mode like zombies and make it 8 player online

  • Foley

    I`ll love mw2 and I´ll still play it (exept that psn is down) anyway, hope they keep the ACR,SCAR-H,Barrett.50cal and I want a sniper called m110 sass, overkill,multiple attachments on your primary,heart beat sensor from mw2, The playable teams I want in mp and also sp is U.S army rangers(with same charcter models), shadow company, u.s marines, delta force not tf141 cuse it dosent acualy exist in real life. Yah that`s my wishes and I´ll would be really happy If they come true.

    • MAFIA Ulquiorra

      Most of them did O_O i have the game and it has most if not all the stuff you named.

  • Smithy2997

    I think tactical insertion should stay but when you spawn having put it down a plane comes over and you parachute down to the location of the TI. This will be good cos you can still choose where to spawn but will discourage boosters cos you can be seen whilst 'chuting

  • Franco

    Night visor like mw1 bonus for temporary activation like a perk che ti permette di vedere dietro gli oggetti il corpo del nemico in movimento (come il termico ma dietro i muri ) per circa 5 secondi e si ricarica in 20s
    Pro 10 secondi e si ricarica in 15s
    Distruttibilita di ambienti di gioco
    Tantissime Armi e di accessori
    Pi di due accessori per arma
    Armi secondarie non solo pistole
    Grafica di Mw2 o superiore
    SERVER DEDICATI andiamo sony ce lo puoi fare questo regalo di bentornato xD

  • dan

    attachments for riot shield- pistol attachment but u cant ADS
    -electrical attachment that when u touch enemy's with it it stuns them,
    -claymore type device on the front of the shield that sprays ball bearings in-font of the shield (probably OP but just an idea)
    -attachment where the shield is made out of more flexible material to deflect more bullets.

    ppl might think riot shied is stupid, but its not a realistic game, who takes 0.4 of a second to look thu a sniper scope to head shot some one a mile away.
    gun attachment i would have to say the video cam that goes to an eye piece so u can look around corners.
    airburst attachment from homefront. (or as a secondary)
    put the old scavenger back in so it resupply 40mm but put in flack-jacket to counter.
    put the javelin back in
    make thermal work so it shows ppl up against snow (in mw2 u ppl came up as white and so did snow)

    keep the MW2 engine, heaps better then BLOPS.
    and the spawns in MW2 where heaps better the BLOPS as well.
    i liked the tiny machine pistols as well, tmp ect realy good for riot shield when u want to take a longer shot.

    I think the idea of bullet damage degradation over distance is a good idea from homefront, the SMG's in that thing at deadly for close combat but useless for sniping.

    maybe some sort of attachment for guns that when u see an enemy it reports there last known possie to other players with that attachment (or without it, depending on how OP u think it is) that way snipers have a use as over-watch rather then QS all the time

  • billy byrne

    cOD 5 zombie maps ray gun in multiplayer maps callof the dead cod 7 zombie map

  • kauaian

    For perks, i think the developers should just pool all of them together and let you choose up to 3 of any one you want instead of limiting you to certain combinations that limit gameplay in ways

    • no offense but  ya stopping power scavenger and danger close yaaaaaaaaaaaa not really its a bad idea because you could almost become invincible.

  • cruzin6

    Give me a death machine (gatling gun like on Predator) and equip it with a thermal scope and a flamethrower. 🙂

  • demonicentity

    black ops titles and emblems, the rest mw2 based….end of

  • R0USH

    They can do whatever they want, just as long as it plays like MW2 and not like BLOPS. BLOPS had some things that were better but the gameplay wasn't up to par with MW2. Theater Mode and Wager matches were a nice add on and customization of Red Dot and such. Overall in my opinion MW2 was a better multiplayer game. Each gun had it's own feel in MW2, they all feel the same on Black Ops. Just hope they stick with the Modern Warfare (Infinity Ward) formula for the most part. Also no more quickscoping, it makes no sense, that's not how a sniper rifle is used. and no game ending killstreaks.

    • Vince

      Yes the gameplay should totally feel like mw2 and not black ops. Oh how i wish infinity ward and crytek would develop mw3 together…the graphics and gameplay would be great!

  • Bryson

    They should make it so that you can have three attachments on your gun.

  • Mark

    For killstreaks, how about some form of long range artillery cover that could replace the stealth bomber. you would get to choose 1-3 target spots on the map, almost acting like a mix between a stealth strike and an AC-130.

  • drop shotter

    i think knifing should be taken out of the game, it takes no skill and frustrates anyone not using the default setup, atleast a 2 hit for the knife would be fair, and an insta kill if they get you in the neck. quickscopes are ftw and knifing is gay

  • jrock

    yes be able to switch from fully auto to three round burst or semi auto on some weapons would be sick and realistic.

  • jrock

    there should be like fatlaitiesliek mortal kombat, like when someone is sitting there sniping you can go behind him and slit his thoat, or you could snap his neck, just put liek a button for when your behind somones and he pulls the granade pin on his jacket and then walks away, stuff like that would be badass, or he would just put the barrel of his gun to the back of his head or in his mouth and just blow his dome off, seriously that would just make the game funner to play if you could do that, and for another killstreak there should be a gunship that you and a chosen temate can controll and one can steer and shoot rockets and guns, the other can chopper gun and drop bombs, also sam turrets suck. also make campaign more like gta where its free rome, and its different every time.

    • Vince

      Not like mortal kombat pls lol.. but yh ur other ideas r cool. Did u get them from ghost recon future soldiers?? I think being able to sneek up behind players and perform a stealth attack would be awesome. The player can either use his arms or silenced weapon… or both for situations where there 2 or more enemies unaware of his presence.

      • jrock

        well i dint mean like mortal kombat i meant like cool ways to kill someone, like you can take a rope around his neck and push him out of the building and hang him hahah, or to take out all but one bullet in your revolver, spin it, and then pull the trigger till it blasts his brains, or choke him with your gun! but this would only be for when you walk behind someone that is not focused on you, liek someone sniping .

  • jrock

    there should be like fatlaitiesliek mortal kombat, like when someone is sitting there sniping you can go behind him and slit his thoat, or you could snap his neck, just put liek a button for when your behind somones and he pulls the granade pin on his jacket and then walks away, stuff like that would be badass, or he would just put the barrel of his gun to the back of his head or in his mouth and just blow his dome off, seriously that would just make the game funner to play if you could do that, and for another killstreak there should be a gunship that you and a chosen temate can controll and one can steer and shoot rockets and guns, the other can chopper gun and drop bombs, also sam turrets suck. also make campaign more like gta where its free rome, and its different every time.
    man i gotta lot of ideas, i should work for infinty ward

  • jrock

    needs to be large sniping maps like on mw2, black ops maps kinda suck. i like the perks on mw2, just get rid of one man army, not relistic at all, keep the nuke, that just made me want to play longer, black ops is kinds boring because theres no nuke, theres nothing to play for, and the killstreaks dont carry over to the next ones, lame, i liek akimbo rangers, needs to be complete customization of player, you pick the outfits, pants, accesories, helmets, camos, gun atatchments, logos, kinda like black ops but more detailed.and after the game is released theres should be new missions released everyday like the special ops missions on mw2, but i beat those quickly, a longer campaign, destrucatble maps, when i shoot an rpg at the wall there should be a hole, when i shoot at someones head im am hoping to see a puddle of blood and a headless body, wehen i hit you with agrenade you should be a pile of guts and blood, another cool thing would be able to close and open doors, definitally keep search and destroy, fix spawning issues on black ops, overkill perk, different choice of knifes, keep ak47, m4, m16, m10, and 50 cal, tactila insertions a re soooo fake get rid of them, bling pro should let you have 2 atatchments on both primary and secondary, but if you dont,let you put 3 on primary and one on secondary, because it would be sweet to have 3 atchatchments on a gun, fiz hacker issues, im tired of seeing fake 10 prestiges, but other than that if you follow my steps, mw3 should be a great game, ps. keep choppe rgunner and ac130! or maybe somthing simmilar and new. i also love the diving feature on black ops, add that please! and thank you!

    • Vince

      Your ideas are really cool especially the ability to open and close doors!

      However i dont think the tactical insertion should be eliminated from the game bcuz they will come in handy when playing in large maps as not all players would be snipers.

  • jrock

    more gore, when someone gets hit with a grenade, they blow to pieces, headshot, no head

  • MW2 Quickscope KiNG

    Stun gun on bottom of gun? Stupid it's called stun grenade faggot

  • Vince

    Bring back night vision.

    i love the idea of players getting on a chopper when called in as a killstreak.

    theater mode

    gold guns like cod4 and black ops

    new online game modes(matches) that involve/require more intelligence and strategy

    is it possible to improve the quality of online gameplay so the graphics look just as amazing and realstic as the single player (campaign) mode?? It is pretty close in mw2 but blk ops is just terrible(a huge difference)

  • Vince

    include vehicles like the armored humvee and tanks where one player drives and the others shoot.

    Include interactive maps where buildings can destroyed and walls breached.

    It would be nice to also have the kind of nano suit seen in ghost recon future soldiers.

    More killstreaks and one that can end the game like the nuke, but something different this time if possible.

    More gore too, so players lose limbs if caught in an explosion or shot with a powerful sniper rifle.

    I also think there should be a perk that you can use to reset killstreaks assuimg you've exhausted all and still killing players.

  • jam

    I think one mag of explosive rounds for snipers would be a good perk

  • Robin

    there should be a game mode for quick scopins only so the quick scopers go there that would be fun because some peplo hate quick scopers i dont and also juggernaut like cod4

  • ferasoo77

    * there could be new game modes ( like wager matches from BO ) but is considired as normal game mode ( like S&D, TDM etc.. ) as u get XP instead of wager ur money .. there could be a sniping only game mode or secondairies only or maybe a game mode that every plyer pick up (example:10) guns with a limited number of attachments 4 each gun .. and whoever gets a kill with all his guns ..wins ( mostly like gun game ) .. all of that also can be 4 team games too (but with a bit of editing) ..

    perks i would rly want to come back is :-
    * ninja except that you can here enemy louder
    * sleight of hand ( ofcourse )
    * steady aim ( ofcourse )
    * hacker or sit-rip
    * cold-blooded or ghost

    perks i would rly wish not 2 come back :-
    * juggernaut ( NOOB )
    * stopping power ( NOOB )
    * commando ( except its pro version )