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Cablevision’s New Optimum For iPad, Live TV App

A recent addition to the world of Cablevision has come to us with the new Optimum for iPad, as a live TV app. Cablevision’s new application will challenge as competition for a group of providers such as Fox, Discovery, and Viacom. With total admission to all their TV setup subscriptions, which has helped Cablevision get one step ahead of Time Warner Cable.

The new Optimum app gives you the chance to watch video on demand (VOD) while on the move, and this is in addition to the live channels of about 300 stations, using the already obtainable viewing package. The programming becomes easier to follow, containing an upgraded information guide to help you organize future DVR recordings as part of your existing television packages.

Cablevision has an advantage as it’s content is not delivered over the Internet, but transmitted from the new Optimum app to the iPad straight from the cable network, making the iPad an added TV with all the added viewing capabilities, and permissible under current licensing agreements as stated in its press release. With a network providing us with programming for use on the Optimum Live TV App for iPad, I wonder if other providers will up their game?

How do you currently watch your TV while on the move? Would you like to see more competition in this area of live TV? You can read the full press release in this article, let us know what you think. Macrumors wonder how the other TV providers will react to the new app.



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