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BlackBerry Bold Touch (9930): 360 Degree View

RIM seems to have stepped things up in the Touchscreen department, which is evident from the upcoming BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930. You can now see a 360 degree view of the new handset from three videos that have recently been made available, which you can see for yourself below.

Some of you may have thought that RIM might have given up on the idea of Touch, as they cannot seem to get things right, but its as if they want to keep pursuing it. You can clearly see from the videos that there are still a few issues with the touch interface – so RIM still has some work to do before they get things right.

Having said that, we still do not see that BlackBerry Bold fans will take to Touch with the 9930, only time will tell? Although, why would you want both touch and an optical trackpad, which Research In Motion are still sticking with? It’s as if they know that most users will not want to use the touchscreen, so have provided them with a preferred solution.

We know that the company has it in them to produce a device with touchscreen capabilities – you only have to look at the BlackBerry PlayBook, which will be top dog when it comes to business. We just cannot understand why they cannot get it to work that well on a smartphone rather than a tablet device?

Do you think that the BlackBerry Bold Touch will prove a hit for RIM?



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