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AT&T’s Price Increase in 2011: Early Upgrades

For those of you considering early upgrades, then AT&T’s price increase for 2011 will not go down well. The increase looks to have come into effect yesterday, April 3 and covers the iPhone, as well as Google Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 handsets. We have to wonder if these increases will be worse once AT&T swallows up T-Mobile?

Android Central learned that the iPhone will go up by $50, while most of their other smartphones will increase by $150 for those wishing to upgrade early. We know that people who upgrade early should pay some sort of premium, but these kind of prices seem a little excessive to us, would you not agree?

There are two ways in looking at this, one is the fact that AT&T needs to raise some extra cash for the purchase of T-Mobile, but there could be another reason. It seems a waste to have a new handset, only to hand it in after several months. The increase could be an incentive to make you keep hold of your smartphone longer, not only is this better for the environment, but also for your pocket as well.

Maybe we should be looking at smartphone makers, it is them who keep releasing new handsets – maybe they should take a leaf out of Apple’s book when it comes to the iPhone? It is great to have choice, but too much choice can become very confusing – especially when a huge percentage of handsets on the market have the same features.

How much are you prepared to pay to upgrade early?



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