Toyota Wins Verdict Over 12 Million Recalls

The Toyota wins verdicts would have been a headline that investors for the Japanese automaker would have been pleased to see yesterday, which stems backs to over 12 million recalls due to the accelerator pedals issue back in 2009. Although this is a good day for Toyota, they should not get complacent over the issue as they had to issue yet another recall over the floor mat issue back in February.

There is said to be a huge number of cases coming up, so this is just one of them – meaning Toyota has many more hurdles to jump. During this case held in New York Toyota claimed that there had been no evidence to support that the floor mat was the cause of the unintended accelerator issue, and that there could have been other factors, which TorqueNews explains in more detail.

A study conducted by the NASA and NHTSA proved that there was no issue with the electronic engine control systems in the affected models, but this did not help answer what was really the cause. It is so easy to speculate what went on, but we have to wonder if we will ever know – although there are those who have their theories.

This is certainly an important win for Toyota, and although we said that the automaker still has other cases to fight, this small victory could help to spur on sales once again – nothing is better to them than consumer confidence. We do not know about you, but they could do with all the help that they can get, considering the recent disaster in Japan and their projected profits heading for a huge dip.

Do you agree with this verdict?


  • Jared Salinger

    "Toyota Wins Verdict Over 12 Million Recalls" is a misleading headline. Toyota won in a single case, and the case was not over 12 million recalls; the case was about a single incident in which a doctor crashed into a tree. There are still plenty of cases to go. And, Toyota has already agreed (or paid) on a fine of millions of dollars, which not a win over 12 million recalls.

  • Tom

    Yes! Never had a doubt that Toyota was getting railroaded by the press.

    • Jared Salinger

      Although the media (the press) sensationalized the Toyota recalls, it has already been established, even by Toyota, that there were problems. So, there was no "railroading" of Toyota. The problems were real, and Toyota was fined millions of dollars for delaying proper notification of the problems.


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