Forza 4’s Unmatched Graphics on Xbox 360 – Can Gran Turismo 5 Compete

By Alan Ng - Apr 2, 2011

April Fools Day 2011 is well and truly behind us now, but there’s certainly no joke about this huge leak. A new video for Forza 4 has surfaced online, and it is definitely the biggest reveal yet, showing new gameplay, confirming new Kinect features and much more – don’t miss this.

Since this video surfaced at the start of the day, there were some questions as to whether this was a well made April Fools Day prank, but that certainly got put to bed, when we realised that Microsoft has started to take down these videos from YouTube with a copyright notice.

Obviously, this video isn’t intended for public viewing yet, actually it wouldn’t surprise us if this was something they were planning to show at E3. Anyway, the video shows the breathtaking new graphics for Forza 4, graphics which are certainly going to make Sony and Polyphony Digital take notice. The video makes a point to remind that this is actual in-game footage of Forza 4 that you’re seeing, which makes it all the more stunning in our opinion.

Microsoft claims to have ‘unmatched graphics’ with Forza 4, and reveal that the game will feature image-based lighting and photo realistic models, with one confirmed Kinect feature allowing you to open vehicle doors using your hands – a tad on the gimmick side, but we like it nevertheless.

More than 80 car manufacturers will be featured in Forza 4, with Microsoft claming that this is the biggest number seen in the racing genre to date. Another massive reveal, is that Forza 4 will feature 16 player races, which is twice the amount seen in Forza 3, that’s pretty impressive when you think about it.

We’ll add the video below, but don’t be surprised if it gets removed since Microsoft are on the warpath. If you manage to find it again on YouTube, let us know your thoughts on the graphics – is this the best racing game yet, or does Gran Turismo 5 still get your vote?

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  • it’s stupid to hear people going out of the topic.. they go “forza is better! no, GT is better!” then all of a sudden, “Xbox 360 is best! no, PS3 is!”. Seriously.. are they all like 10 years old here? Looks like Turn 10 nor Polyphony Digital ain’t the disappointments here.. it’s the stupid fanboys..

    personally, each game has their strong points. forza has amazing graphics and new kinect integration, while gt5 has (if I’m not mistaken) 3d capabilities and a great physics engine

  • Furious Sam

    Reason why people DOES argue about which one is better is simple, everyone seems to be unhappy with their choice so they MUST bash the another ! 😛 If you like FM more, then why not just PLAY it instead of replying on ALL possible GT vid/thread ??? and vice versa, I just DONT get it dudes.

  • Guest

    I on the other hand was really looking forward to Forza 3 and was incredibly disappointed, Reason being, I am a mega fan of cars, in particular the R32 GT-R, and the one in Forza, even though it was nice graphics, was so incorrect that the GT4 version of the car looked more real. Thank god that GT5 got that car 99.9% accurate. I only know the accuracy of that car well enough but I have seen many other cars In Forza that had or didb't have things the real car does. Yes forza had very nice graphics but it was just let down by the details, and the physics, nice arcade game though… They have alot of work to do to even get close to GT5 so hears hoping.

    • marhorn

      See the thing is, I was incredibly dissapointed with Gran Turismo!

      Forza has the most stunning cars, Most stunning graphics, best community!

      I realy wanted to compare the 2, so I put them up side by side on two 42 inch plasma's…..Forza won by a long shot! (full hud removed)

      • the piston

        Sorry but you must be blind, best community? Ya maniacs bash me of in online when I just want to have a simple race. In GT5 everyone want's to race not bash around like it's burnout paradise. I don't have to say anything about graphics, just check the link below:

        I don't think you have GT5, LOOOL.

  • RoadShow

    360 sucks, it's the only console or gaming platform that IS NOT WORTH IT. All others are.

    (1) RROD – just to be out first they made the consumer suffer.
    (2) Pay to play – just no reason, PC has been doing online gaming for years, no pay to play.
    (3) Halo 2 for PC – Made it Vista only, totally a scam, no PC game is limited to 1 OS.
    (4) $299 for a console with no blu ray, no wifi (before slim), no browser, unreliable & pay to play.
    (5) If you want to stream Netflix with 360, you must pay $60/year for live membership. Basically “purchasing” the “right” to go and purchase a subscription to netflix.
    (6) $60/year for online gaming is $300 every 5 years, essentially rebuying the most unreliable/featureless console in history of gaming every 5 years!

    Besides, 360 games are on PC, better on PC (all shooters are) & free online play the PC way.

    Even the Wii has way more features than the 360, it has Wifi & Internet Browser. Gosh it sure doesn’t take much to over take the 360 on features.

    PS3>PC>Wii>PSP>DS>iphone games>pushing a hoop around with a stick>360

    …With a stick!

    • marhorn

      So you dont pay to play ANY GAMES? ha! sony is the king of pay to play!

      I dont pay for Xbox live for the right to stream! I can stream media content regardless AND IN FULL HD! (which looks a lot better on Xbox 360 thanks to its anti aliasing) making blu ray pointless!

      Cant wait to still you try and post this all, after Microsoft reveal Silverlight for Xbox 360 next week!

      Every true gamer knows the 360 is king!

      • the piston

        Yah, xbox is the king, LOL Final Fantasy XIII runs in a lower resolution in the xbox version because it runs on dvd's. In fact the XBOX version isn't in HD. It's 576p, sucks doesn't it ? So blu ray isn't pointless, and full hd, loool in xbox it's upscaled 1080p not full HD 1080p so you sir don't know what your talking about.

      • Curious Reader


        “Every true gamer knows the 360 is king!”

        Everyone knows that statement is false. True Professional Gaming is and has been on the PC platform. The Xbox is king of amateur, regular gamers who think they are pro. Gamers have been around since before the Xbox for decades. 

        Xbox only has major sales which translate to major novice gamers. Impossible for the majority of Xbox player to be pros…

    • forza4thewin

      LOL PS3 better than pc??? Please, get out of that hole you are living in!

  • RoadShow

    GT5 is the best racing game of this generation hands down.

    Forza is not accurate, Kinect Forza is a joke. GT5 has the best graphics, true sounds, true tracks and is the most fun in my opinion.

    Besides 360 sucks and isn't worth it.

    PSN has a larger user connected base, almost 1 million more consoles connected. We have 70 Million PSN accounts and you think there's no one on there?

    Also PS3 has been outselling 360 month after month, globally. And we have surpassed 360 EVEN THOUGH 360 HAD AN ENTIRE YEAR HEAD START, HUGE ADVANTAGE BUT DOWN THE DRAIN NOW!

    • marhorn

      Larger connected user base….dont make me laugh! Everyone knows more people play on Xbox live than on psn! multiplayer arcade games are pointless to buy on psn…..because there's no one there! (and I can name you several sources that attest to this)

      ps3 hasnt outsold anything……those are figures made up from a guess! Xbox 360 has sold more worldwide!

      Every true gamer knows Forza is king now…..even further than that Xbox has ruled the racing games ever since launch…..Sega Gt……Project Gotham…..and Forza plus the controller is a lot better on 360 for racing!

      Stope kidding yourself…..out with the old and in with the new…..change is good! stop thinking to yesterday, otherwise tomorrow will never seem as good!


  • forzaking

    Gran Turismo 5 is Absolutley Truly a Disgrace. GT5 features 200 detailed cars and the remaining 800 plus cars are taken from GT3 A-spec and GT4. And also the GT series tracks in GT5 are taken from GT4. So most of the content in GT5 is taken from the PS2 versions. Look at the car wash and oil change screens exactly the same as the PS2 versions. Even the 200 detailed cars are not in complete detail compared to Forza 3, Never mind Forza 4. PD basicly recycled GT3 and GT4 over a period of 5 years to complete GT5 and that's a FACT! Honestly GT2 is easily better than GT5 the total loser. Forza 4 looks stunning and uncomparable!

  • marhorn

    The makers of the real life halo warthog are featured in the clip, This could only mean 1 thing!

    Forza 3 was the best racing game this generation and Forza 4 looks like its gonna raise the bar!


  • gr8

    did you guys also see the manufacturer Askalon!!!!!!!!!!!!! well if your a halo fan you will be happy, i hope for they have more locales not 5 and graphics dint really stand out just at times(specially in gameplay) and the tracks looked iffy, i also dint see new vehicles or night racing or even weather and also no rally tracks ): but the rest looks F'in awesome really like the aero on the cars and ex-oust flames there is times were the cockpit looks weak also but im guessing that was early production game play i hoping their working on it like right now and listening to us

  • Dan

    I have forza 3 and gran turismo 5. they are both very fun, top notch games. I beleive alot of people are dissapointed with Gran tursimo because it received way way too much hype and media attention before its release. The creator at Polyphony kept announcing delays and his excuse was to "perfect the game". Huge mistake on Polyphony's end. They should be more like Rockstar, keep everything a hush and make a game that really makes peoples jaws drop upon release. I like GT5 but the graphics are overated, the standard cards were unecessary, the shadows on top and below all the cars are flickery and jaggy but I must say the gameplay is incredible. All the fine tuning you could do for the performance of each and every car and how it handles subtley is nothing short of incredibley astounding in GT5 and adding weather effects on the handling of the car on top of that. Anyhow, Going back to Forza Franchise. Forza 3 played very well but the gameplay is no where near as polished as GT5. It did not have those features I mentioned earlier on GT5. Odd enough though I found myself wanting to play Forza more. Its flashier, sexier and more appealing to me, If that makes any sense. Anyhow, I saw this trailer before it was pulled. I own both forza 3 and GT5. If Turn 10 adds more handling realism to the franchise, like they said they are, I read that somewhere. If I have to be honest Forza 4 is going to be #1 for me. All lthe added content in this trailer. Gorgeous articulately built cars inside and out. I beleive Turn 10 is going to make our jaws drop.

  • vince

    gt5 is a total fail…i got both ps3 and xbox ….i never end that game coz is very BORING…u will pass more time on stupid menu than in a race……and trust in me …isnt a good thing take 6 month to design a car………expecially if u think that the most of the car in the game arent premium cars …so without cockpits etc etc ….ill not write about physic….damages and the opponents AI…..i think …..pholyphony just failed on everything………im disappointed coz i buy gt5 for something like 50 euro ..the first week ……i just bin that money…damn!…….sorry for my bad english im writing from italy

    • stewart

      Totally agree mate, the menus of GT annoyed me to the point I gave up, all I wanted to do was take a car for a spin around a track and I couldn't. bring on Forza 4

    • the piston

      If you don't like GT5 then maybe you don't like racing sims. GT has its own type of fun that comes from the driving physics. GT was never meant to have customisation, so if you don't like GT5 then its your fault for buying it in the first place, play GT with a G27 wheel with no driving aids around the nurburgring then you'll know what I'm talking about. Answer this question, does forza have rally cars, NASCAR cars, Group C le mans cars? BTW you can't judge the graphics of forza 4 because the game is not out yet. And the trailer might be CG footage, no way can turn 10 make cars that realistic looking. When they were developing Forza 3, they said that the game is using the full power of the xbox 360. So I don't believe that trailer in the graphics department.

  • Dave

    I guess thats why Gran Turismo 5 was dissapointing. If they spent 6 months developing a car then thats 6 months wasted developing what should have been a new benchmark for racing games. Further proof of this can be seen with other cars in the game which had probably been built in 6 days rather than 6 months due to a great many of them lacking interior views. Gran Turismo 5 was over ambitious hence the ridiculous development time. By the time the game released, that long development time wasn't justified. Forza 3 may not have the content of Gran Turismo 5 granted, but it got so many things spot which has resulted in the game becoming the highest rated racing game of this generation. This was achieved in a fraction of the development time of Gran Turismo 5. Normally, I dislike racers but Forza 3 convinced me to buy a racing game. Last time I did that was Gran Turismo for PSone. Forza 4 looks incredible. The graphics are easily the best on the 360 and i'm already sold. Although somehow I just know Kinect support is gonna suck. It looks like Kinect can't track feet. So whats the point of it? Steering with Kinect while Forza 4 automatically controls your speed. This sounds more like crappy Kinect Joyride than Forza 4.

  • ZapVegas71

    Not a smart posting Laurent: Forza4 can match GT5, GT5 can match real life. WTF?

  • Laurent

    GT5 did 5 years of developing and i think forza 4 can't match that.
    It takes 6 moths to develop a car in GT5. 6 months!!!
    That is half a year!!!
    Forza 4 can match GT5 that is true.
    But GT5 can match real life!!!

    • Captain Obvious

      uhmm…if every car takes six months to develop then in 5 years,GT5 would only have 10 cars.

      • Pedantic guy

        Multiple people maybe?

    • plmko

      Forza technically has undergone 5 years+ of development too, albeit they did it in the form of releasing 3 games. These sport games are unlike other genres because what you do in one game will certainly improve the next.

  • konejo99

    GT Always!

    • Alvaro

      Man this game looks like is going to kick Gt´s ass…