Battlefield 3 Release Date and Possible Modern Warfare 3 Firing Line

We have some major news for gaming fans around the world now, as it looks like the Battlefield 3 release date has been revealed, and it doesn’t look like an April Fools joke either. The most interesting part of the date, is that it falls in the midst of Modern Warfare territory.

We knew that both games are going to go head to head with each other when they release, and this seems to have just confirmed things. If you head over to CVG, you’ll see that they have included a screenshot taken from the French version of EA’s Download Manager, which reveals that Battlefield 3 will be out on November 2nd!

Obviously, this hasn’t been confirmed by EA, but it does look promising. We knew that the game would be out in November anyway, so this potential date of November 2nd is not too surprising. However, we don’t know when Modern Warfare 3 will be out yet. Black Ops released on November 9th 2010, so if MW3 releases around the same time, which it’s pretty likely this will happen – things are going to get very interesting indeed.

Just so you’re aware, November 2nd is a Wednesday, which could also suggest that this date is going to be a worldwide release, which again you could have guessed considering the sheer scale of the title. We’ll let you know if we get a confirmation on this date.

It’s November 2nd for now though – are you excited?



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