Xperia Play List of Games, 60 Confirmed for Launch Day

By Jamie Pert - Apr 1, 2011

Roughly two weeks ago we asked you which games you would like to see released for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, now we have a list of 60 games which will be available on the smartphone’s release date.

If you check out EuroGamer’s recent article you can see a list of 60 games which you will be able to download, we can also confirm that if you buy the Xperia Play from Orange UK it will come with the following games pre-installed: Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, FIFA 2010, Sims 3, Star Battalion and Tetris. Also you may be glad to hear that Asphalt 6 will be free to download.

Some original PSX tiles will also be available, these are Cool Boarders 2, Destruction Derby, Jumping Jack Flash, MediEvil and Syphon Filter, all of these titles were great first-time round, my personal favorites back in the day were Syphone Filter and Cool Boarders 2.

As previously mentioned there are plenty of other games available, games which we think will be popular include Assassins Creed, Worms, Need for Speed SHIFT, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Mobile, Splinter Cell Conviction, Spiderman total Mayhem and Avatar.

All of the games mentioned above (and the rest which are mentioned on EuroGamer) will be available to download via the Xperia Play launcher, when downloading games via the Android Market you should ensure that the title has been optimized for the Xperia Play.

So then guys and girls which titles will you be purchasing? To be honest with you I would take any of the original PSX title (excluding Jumping Jack Flash), how about you?

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  • Joe

    eventually i would like to see more iphone/ipod touch games as i am currently saving for an ipod touch, but if they release all those games, im gettin this phone!!

  • gopi

    Is there god of war for xperia play

  • It's plays Android Games, PS1 games via PlayStation Suite and games designed specifically for it (more elaborate Android games).

    So no, the only PSP games it can play are the ones ported to the Android Market (which, to my knowledge is only Spectral Souls).