PS3 Vs Xbox 360: It’s Sony’s Time for Exclusive DLC

By Alan Ng - Apr 1, 2011

If you think of exclusive DLC content in terms of the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s fair to assume that the Xbox 360 is the first console that comes to mind after having had exclusive content for Grand Theft Auto IV and still having an exclusive deal in place for all Call of Duty DLC. However, that was all last year, and now it seems Sony are fighting back.

If you are a PS3 owner, it was no doubt very painful having to watch Xbox 360 owners get to play GTA IV episodes and the Call of Duty First Strike Map Pack for Black Ops, months before it arrived on the PS3. But the shift of power may be starting to change, as it has become apparent that a few big developers have decided to reside with Sony and their PS3 for now.

Obviously, the biggest game that everyone’s talking about in relation to this is Mortal Kombat, as the PS3 will get God of War character Kratos, one of his stages, 3D support, and of course a demo! While the Xbox 360 seemingly gets nothing – but that’s not all either.

We’ve just learned that PS3 owners who pick up the highly anticipated Virtua Tennia 4 title from SEGA, will get the opportunity to play as three tennis legends, Boris Becker, Pat Rafter and Stefan Edberg. This may not seem too major for most of you, but it’s still a notable victory for Sony in the exclusive DLC war.

Is this payback for games like Fallout 3, GTA IV and all of the Call of Duty DLC which Microsoft has had their way with? – Perhaps, but Microsoft are not done with waving their little finger just yet. Owners of Castlevania on the PS3 may be a little bit mad over the fact that the ‘Reverie’ DLC has been delayed. But the reason for this, is that there is a fault with Xbox Live, and Konami has already admitted that PS3 owners have to wait since they have an ‘agreement’ in place with Microsoft, so DLC gets released at the same time as the PS3.

It’s amazing to think that Sony and Microsoft go to such detail on acquiring game DLC, as most of it goes unnoticed by the gamer. As a neutral reading all of this – what are your thoughts? Are you currently sick of the console DLC war that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, or do you think this is a healthy bit of competition between both consoles and their respective communities?

What game will be next to fall under the exclusive DLC hammer? Elder Scrolls Skyrim? Crysis 2? Dare we say it, Battlefield 3?

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  • marhorn

    The best fighter players in the world play street fighter (third strike). Mortal kombat is fun for a while but it is shallow!

    And yes xbl is better than psn! My mate cannot find a game of ultimate Mk on psn, wheareas I always get people to fight against on xbl (and yes I play Mk…..a lot!)

  • The Emperor

    Street Fighter x Tekken? HA! Let the non-strategy button mashing begin! It will be nowhere near as good as MK. You know, the one where you actually need to THINK about how you're going to beat the other guy. SF bosses are known to be cake while Tekken bosses aren't much higher on the difficulty food chain.

    XBL better than PSN? Now THAT'S pure fanboy talk. If you really think Xbox is a better system, you are truly one of the Kelly Bundys of the world…

    • Randomer

      He did not mention the consoles, he only mentioned the online services. PSN is uncomparable to XBL.

  • lowkey

    Haha " It’s Sony’s Time for Exclusive DLC" you named two for the ps3 what a fanboy.

    • FFOE

      my point exactly

  • TKO

    I can't understand how developers just don't put out the same DLC for both consoles. It would seem like the developer would make money to have it on both rather than just one. As a PS3 owner is frustrating how crappy PSN is compared to XBox live. But as the saying goes you get what you pay for, and with not having to pay for PSN just cant compare to the services of Xbox live. I would say I'm more upset with the fact that Sony hasn't come up with a good solution to really even compete with Xbox live.

  • marhorn

    Who cares about Mortal Kombat? It will be the same with the ones before it, fun for like 30 mins then its just repetitive! Bring on Street fighter x Tekken

    Lets just wait a while and see what has more exclusive DLC

    • duh

      Never say that nobody care about mortal kombat! Its back in his full glory with all the violence back! Go play Street Fighter if you dont like blood.

      • The Emperor

        or if you don't like GOOD fighting games…

  • Scott Pakin

    Reverie DLC is already out on PS3 in the US

  • FFOE

    this isnt all so true, xbox is getting exclusive content. it wont be kratos but most 360 owners dont care because they dont even play god of war so thats no big deal. ed boon said himself he likes playing mk on xbox better and that xbox owners will be very satisfied with their exclusive content for mk. 3d support?? i dont think anybody really cares about that neither, sony makes 3d tvs so thats why ps3 has it. its safe to say ps3 is not better than xbox and owners of both systems usually always agree that xbox live is much better than psn. but in the end, sure its good 4 both systems to try and compete with each other. both systems have plenty supporters, and any kind of competition should be good for both companies.

    • Ummm

      Ed Boon never said that he prefer xbox! He play games on both console.Look his twitter somtime man…