Homefront Patch hits Xbox Live, Details Coming Tomorrow

By Jamie Pert - Apr 1, 2011

Last week we told you how a patch was on its way to Xbox Live to fix the Homefront freezing problem, now we can confirm that a patch has gone live which fixes this issue amongst others.

This news was revealed on the official Homefront website, the announcement is quite brief and vague, however it does confirm that more information regarding the patch will be published tomorrow.

The statement does confirm that along with the profile freeze issues, developers have worked on a lot of improvements “under the hood”, also Kaas Studios has confirmed that they are working on DLC for the game, that said they stay very quiet about it.

We must admit we like the fact that Kaos Studios admit that the game is not perfect and that they thank Homefront players for their patience, obviously it would be better if the game was better upon release, but at least the developers are acknowledging the problems which gamers are reporting

We would love to hear from you if you have downloaded and installed the patch, if so have you noticed any changes? Are there still problems? Was it a large download? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • xboxlowll

    i hAVE THE SAME FREAKIN PROBLEM seriously i am gonna caal the game developers ITS NOT FREAKIN NORMAL

  • LOS 06

    I am unable to go to multiplayer after patch. Freezes every time. I have to clear system cache to play the campaign.

  • MrFish

    Did nothing for me still have so much trouble with joining games with my friends.
    managed 2 or 3 games with them in a week.
    Console not frozen since patch and I seem to be able to join most games without the beacon error.
    Still do get it but not as much.
    The most annoying thing is the loss of all my kills as i lost all my attachments .

  • Jason West

    Hey KAOS, I hear Infinity Ward is having a fire sale on game developers!!! Just a thought : )

  • Rigma

    first thing that happens after i downloaded the patch, it freezes. way to go.

  • Khaver

    If I am honest, the patch for the 'freeze' really did nothing. I go online and it just freezes, the freeze patch is just a joke, it hasnt resolved anything. I hope the server patch and what not gets released asap otherwise they will lose customers and indeed myself because I am getting sick of it freezing and not going into a simple match 'TDM'.

  • asphyxxya

    I didn't have any issues with freezing, and only had the rare issue with getting into a match before the patch, and its still running just as well post-patch.

  • Rich

    I agree ever since the update I can't even get in a game even when my friends are playing, at least before I had played a few games, they better sort it or I'm off to get battlefield 3 when it's out

  • bob attoe

    all this should have been sorted before release. feels like i bought half a game. can i have half my money back please

  • Jeremiah Rowell

    The patch took less than a minute to download. Never had the freezing problem but I still can’t get into a match online. System reports that the servers are full. When I do get into a lobby I just sit there waiting for others to join and when a few do join it isn’t long before they drop out to go looking for a match to play in.

  • zombie lord d

    I downloaded the patch and it made things worse.now my xbox freezesup,and I get sent to servers where I am the only one in there.I have bin reset 2 times loosing every weapon and vehicle that you get when lvls are obtained.you walk to a place in game and are warped infront of the enemy at otherside of. Board. The lags is now horrendous and you get sent to other country's servers.the patch made it worse for me.